“Start Living in your Tasteful & Inspiring Home Today!”


You deserve to live in a well-designed home where you can drive your life in the right direction.

Imagine you get back home after a busy day, and you refresh and recharge yourself in YOUR home where you have built a sanctuary.

Imagine you decided to be your own boss, and you set YOUR home office where you’ll build your empire.

Let’s stop just imagining and start making your design dreams a reality now!

You might have tried to decorate your place by yourself, but it hasn’t turned out the way you wanted.

You might not have enough time to do it by yourself.

You might have so many ideas, but you don’t know where to start.

You might be scared to hire an interior designer because you don’t know how much it’ll cost.

That’s why we’re here for you.

We believe that your home should be individually tailored because you have different lifestyles and tastes.

Our e-design is a great solution that will make the design process more affordable, convenient, and enjoyable.

Let’s start making moves today to get you closer to your dream lifestyle by creating a tasteful and inspiring home just for you!


Our e-design services are currently available for clients in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, the UK, and S.Korea.

Please contact us first if you live in other countries!

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e-Design services


Room Fresh-Up

[e-design] Room Fresh-Up
Quick View

For those who already have the main furniture and would like to add finishing touches or give your room a seasonal refresh by adding some art, soft furnishing, rug, tableware, plants, and accessories. (up to 10 items)

Service includes:

  • Inspiration Board

  • Concept Moodboard

  • Elevations (if applicable)

  • Shopping List with Shoppable Links

Room Makeover

[e-design] Room Makeover
Quick View

For those who move into a new home or would like to change the look of a room with new and existing pieces. Room makeover covers all suggestions for the color palette, materials, furniture, lighting, and decoration.

Service includes:

  • Inspiration Board

  • Concept Moodboard

  • Floorplan

  • Elevations (if applicable)

  • Shopping List with Shoppable Links

  • Material Samples (if applicable)

  • Decor & Installation Tips

  • Storage Solutions

  • Video Chat mettings

  • Final Review & Extra Advice



How it works

(room makeover)



Your Needs & Style Check

Once you purchase the service and fill out a request form, We'll follow up within 1-2 business day with the welcome package which includes the detailed questionnaire and guidance for measuring and photographing your room by email. 

Please complete and send it back to us within 1 week.


Design Concept & Shop List

As soon as we receive all the information from you, design work begins. Based on your info we’ll create 2 concept boards to confirm your style preferences and favorites for the blueprint.

Once we select the preferred concept, the detailed design will be prepared within 5-7 days. We'll have two rounds of revisions to make any changes before you approve the final design. We’re happy to receive your feedback and discuss it with you.

Please note that this step of the process, Design Concept & Shop List, usually takes 2-3 weeks overall, and then you’ll get the final package which includes your online shopping list complete with links.


Comfortable Order (optional)

When you receive your final design package from Step 2, it’s time to go shopping and make your dream space a reality!

If you’ re too busy to do it yourself, let us shop for you. You don't need to order everything at once, but choose only what you want to buy now.

We'll deal with the overall logistics of the orders, like ensuring the right size, shape, color, etc. (you would be amazed to know how complicated these details can get!) to allow you a much more comfortable and relaxed design process.


Free interior design packages

designed by lifestyle Si

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Franziska Hübscher

Head of Branded Content


Room Makeover

“I really enjoyed the e-design service offered by Sungeun of lifestyle Si. Sungeun has a keen eye for detail and color. She created a wonderful design for my salon based on my preferences. I’m now really happy with my Eclectic Glam Book Salon, and I highly recommend Sungeun and her e-design service!”


Can’t find the right package for you?

We’ll create a customized e-design package for you.

Please tell us more about your project!