E-Interior design


It all started with my belief...

Everyone deserves to live in a well-designed home that will bring new life to us.

I've worked as an interior designer for the past 13 years, in the meantime, I assured myself that home design is what I genuinely enjoy doing and what I’m best at. I love my job, and that's great, but what can I do to make it better?

After all things considered, I've reached the conclusion that is E-INTERIOR DESIGN. I create unique design concepts individually because we all have different lifestyles and tastes and it can be done affordably and comfortably.

I'm super excited to launch new E-INTERIOR DESIGN services! I hope it will bring us more opportunities to elevate the pleasure of life. 



Free interior packages

by lifestyle Si


Design services

Room Fresh-Up

For those who already have the main furniture and would like to add finishing touches or give your room a seasonal refresh by adding some art, soft furnishing, rug, tableware, plants, and accessories. (up to 10 items)

Service includes:

  • Concept Moodboard

  • Shop List

Room Makeover

For those who move into a new home or would like to change the look of a room with new and existing pieces. Room makeover covers all suggestions for the color palette, materials, furniture, lighting, and decoration.

Service includes:

  • Inspiration Board

  • Concept Moodboard

  • Floorplan

  • Elevations (if applicable)

  • Shop List

Occasional Styling (coming soon)

For those who prepare a special event or party, e.g. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc.

Service includes:

  • Interior Decor Moodboard

  • Table Setting & Catering Menu Moodboard

  • Shop List



How it works

for Room Makeover


Your Needs & Style Check

Once you purchase the service and fill out a request form, I'll follow up within 1-2 business day with the welcome package which includes the detailed questionnaire, guidance for measuring and photographing your room by email. 

Please complete and send it back to me in 1 week.


Design Concept & Shop List

As soon as I receive all the information from you, design work begins. Based on your info I'll create 2 concept boards to check the blueprint and pick your favorite. Then, the detailed design will be prepared. It usually takes 2-3weeks to finish the final design package.

We'll have two round revisions to make any changes before you approve the final design. I'm happy to receive your feedback and discuss with you about it. The final package includes online shop list.


Comfortable Order (optional)

When you receive your final design package, it’s time to go shopping and make your dream space!

If you are too busy to do it yourself, let me shop for you. You don't need to order everything, but choose only what you want to buy. I'll deal with overall orders to finish it more comfortable and relaxed.



If you have inquiries for commercial projects or full interior design services, please check 'Studio Si' and make inquiries.


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