In-home consultation

(coming soon, details might be changed later on)


If you’re based in Switzerland and have some difficulty making your home a place that represents your style and makes you feel comfortable, you’ve landed in the right place!


Who is the ideal person for this service?

This in-home consultation is designed especially for expats in Switzerland who have multi-cultural backgrounds and styles.

If you’re new in Switzerland, the process of building your new beautiful and cozy home could be overwhelming; where can I buy nice furniture, curtains, carpets, etc?

I’m your interior designer, Sungeun. I can help you solve this problem and make the process much easier and more comfortable so that you can focus on other important work, business, etc. I’ve been living and working in Switzerland and several other countries as an expat as well, so I can deeply understand expats’ circumstances and problems, and want to help you get everything done smoothly!

Not an expat? No worries, I always welcome everyone ready to bring their design dream into reality! It’s also available in Liechtenstein, and some areas in Germany & Austria.


What is exactly the in-home consultation?

Step 1

Once you book the consultation and send me some brief information about you and your home, I’ll visit your place with a small surprise and we’ll have a home audit for about 2-3 hours. We’ll go through all aspects that can upgrade your home to the next level, and I’ll give you design suggestions and solutions in real time in your home. 2-3 working days after the audit, I’ll send you a brief design package that includes everything we’ve covered!


The audit will cover:

  • Concept & Story of Your Home

  • Color & Material Palette

  • Quick Measurement

  • New Floor Plan Options

  • Decluttering & Storage Solutions

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Soft Furnishing

  • Art

  • Accessories

  • Plants & Flowers

  • Scents & Room Fragrances

  • DIY & Installation Advice



Beta-tester clients

I’m looking for beta-tester clients who want to experience my in-home consultation for FREE and provide genuine feedback as well as testimonials.

I might ask you to take part in photo and video shooting during the project.

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in this!


How much does it cost?

One day in-home consultation (Step 1) costs 200-300 CHF (2-3 hours) and it includes a brief design package.

* Travel expenses may apply. St.Gallen area is free of charge. For other Cantons, it calculates 0.3 CHF / km from Rorschach.


Which language can we speak?

English or Korean; I have basic knowledge of German.


What is the next step after the audit?

If you’re happy with the design ideas and suggestions, you can move forward to the next steps to make your design dream a reality!

Step 2

If you want to put all the ideas together on a rendered-style mood board and get a full shopping list, I’ll create an additional mood board & shopping list package for you. (50-300 CHF / room, Prices vary according to designs.)

Step 3

For my in-home consultation clients, I offer special hourly services. So, when you need my support for searching for products, shopping, installation, final styling, and so on, you can hire me on an hourly basis. (50 CHF / hour, plus travel expenses)


Do you want to book step 1 through 3 all at once?

I can offer an all-in-one solution at a special price, 650 CHF / room plus one day in-home consultation for your overall home. (* Travel expenses may apply.)

The reason why I break down the process into three steps is that I want to give you more flexibility and possibilities. We can always change your plans to meet your wants and needs. I believe in a no pressure approach that keeps the process simple and convenient. I recommend you simply book the Step 1 first!


Do you have any questions about in-home consultation?

If so, Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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