Home Makeover Project



I made a decision when I first moved into this apartment. It was to fill the space over time without hurrying so that the lives and personalities of my family could slowly and naturally pervade it. 

The intention itself was beautiful enough. As I got used to this new home, however, I ended up putting up with inconvenience, ignoring what even knitted my brows. It isn't hard to imagine that those that had been stored somewhere deep inside to be organised sooner or later could never, ever see the sunlight. 

Recently, along with various personal changes and decisions, coming back home from my longterm journey revived the feeling I had when I first moved in - that is, thirsting for feeding this space with my devotion and infusing it with my personality. I can't really call it MY HOUSE as I am only renting it, but I am going to enjoy MY PLACE in my own fashion while I'm here.

There won't be any alteration on the structure or any difficult construction for this rented apartment. However, I first labelled this plan as Home Makeover Project and set a schedule with a specific completion date. Believing that HOME never stops changing, I think this idea of completion is very superficial. But, to force myself to be more committed to this project, I set the completion date of January 3rd, 2018. 


Touring the apartment, I measured the space of each room and their furniture. I stayed in each room for a while to create my wishlist, on which I wrote down what I wanted to do there, what would be great to be there, what seemed to need improvement, and what my husband wanted as well. I then made a drawing of the measured space, reflecting the things on the wishlist. I especially felt that the small room used as both a home office and a hobby room need to change its layout and have more space for storage.

Personally, I want to collect paintings and sculptures one by one and invest little by little in craftworks and well-designed furniture that will give the place character. I believe it can't be better if I add traditional Korean details such as a moon jar and white porcelain. 


Now I'm finding the appropriate images to make a mood board with the blueprints and making a list of furniture and accessories to buy to realise the plan. When the overall image is made, and the budget is set next week, I will start the first on/offline shopping. When I get the items, I will deal with the installation and assembly of them one by one. This time I really want to try painting the walls as well, which will serve a big role in changing the mood and atmosphere of the space. 


Once large pieces of furniture take their places, I would like to start taking out and organising the things hidden behind somewhere and daringly throwing unnecessary stuff away. Taking advantage of the items that will help to store things efficiently, I want to have about 20% more empty space than now because I believe that new good energy comes only when there's empty space. After all those are done, I'm going to buy more necessary accessories one last time, set them up at home, take a photo with them as a record, and have a peaceful end of the year. I'm trying to share the process for a month and a half with you here.


Then let's start the most difficult job in the world called Decorating My Place!