The Taste of Autumn



When I think of Autumn, the first thing that crosses my mind is the autumny warm colors. The leaves turned yellow and red, fallen leaves, a dark chocolate-colored sweater, above all, pumpkin is somewhat distinct for me. It's not only because of Halloween, but I get the feeling that autumn is here now when the markets start to sell pumpkins, and people also decorate their houses with pumpkin lanterns.

Autumn has been fading, and the winter has set in already, but I'd still love to relish the warmth of the late autumn. 


Hobak-Cha in the morning

I recently bought the Hobak-cha which is Pumpkin tea from my favorite tea room, 'Tea collective,' in Korea and I have a crush on its delicate, light, and also slightly sweet taste. It's so good to drink in the late autumn like now. Pumpkin help reduce the swelling, so drinking pumpkin tea in the morning is especially said to be beneficial. I'm trying to keep off coffee, and Hobak-cha is undoubtedly an attractive choice to me. The water will turn beautiful yellow color. Therefore, you may feel better when you use a glass teapot.


Last year I found a picturesque pumpkin stall in a field by chance. I bought several kinds of pumpkins excitedly and decorated them in my place also tried to cook. However, whether I may have chosen wrong pumpkins for the particular dishes or I was not able to find good recipes, I was not happy with the taste. 


Pumpkin Soup on the weekend


This year I bought a pumpkin at the same place again, and I read the descriptions carefully this time to choose one that tastes sweeter. I don't remember the exact name of the pumpkin anymore as I bought it already a few months ago and I have used it as a decoration. In the meantime, I found an easy and enjoyable recipe and decided to make pumpkin soup before the autumn is over. 


As I expected, the cooking process of soup required pretty much devotion and time, but I think that it would be a kind of ritual for emotional healing. Prepared all ingredients, chopped them, cooked slowly one after another in a pot, then covered with water and simmered gently for 20minutes. After that, blended well to merge all ingredients into a deep flavor soup, and added milk to make it smoother. Put it into the pot again, stirred gently, and seasoned with salt and different spices.... Quick cooking was not necessary when I prepared soup, and I quite enjoyed the slow cooking process on low heat.


To add the flavor of thyme, cinnamon, and curry that are compounded the fragrance of autumn to the natural sweetness of pumpkin brought out the more in-depth taste in the soup. Last but not the least, garnish and table decoration yet remain for the enjoyable meal time. Compared to the original recipe, I put a bit more amount of pumpkin for the thickened texture. I added only two spoons of honey as the pumpkin that I bought was quite sweet than I expected, but seasoned more with salt to make it sweet and savory.  I followed the recipe for the topping on the soup; ground three colored pepper, sprinkled tiny thyme leaves, finished with fresh cream drizzled in a circle. Tada! The soup is ready. 


At the moment grey, dark and gloomy days continue in my town. So, I set the darkly toned tableware to match with the weather and stand out yellowish pumpkin soup. I arranged a slate mat and a linen textured-deep plate and put a linen cloth underneath the slate mat to protect the table surface and add extra natural texture and warmth. I wanted to keep the rustic mood overall, so I chose a wooden spoon and a linen napkin as well. 

  • Deep Plate Globus (different type)

  • t-light holder Nkuku


After a cold Sunday morning walk, my hubby and I, each of us had a bowl of warm pumpkin soup that I slowly cooked on Saturday afternoon, our body and mind gradually warmed up, and we are ready to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon!


+ Special thanks

I tried to cook myself then recommend this easy and delicious recipe for pumpkin soup by Gabie Kook