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Currently, I'm doing on my Home Makeover Project, and I thought that I want to decorate the living and dining room where there are art and culture. Space could be filled with piles of books and gentle flowing music, and above all, I hope for a significant artwork next to the dining table in the room. At the moment, there is an art poster, The Empire of Light by René Magritte, that I bought from Magritte Museum in Brussel a few year ago, and I love it. However, I want to hang something more abstract, simpler, and more unique for this time. I haven't really started collecting paintings yet, so I decided to find out a beautiful art print.

While I thought that I would search for a couple of fave online art print stores, I discovered a new one that caught my fancy on Instagram; it's  THE POSTER CLUB. It's a Copenhagen-based online store and selling concise, abstract and edgy Scandinavian style art posters. Many of prints are limited editions or exclusive items that you can only buy here, and I love that point. Although I adored many artworks, I was kind of blown away by Kristina Krogh's works that have exquisite hand drawn details. She does her job mostly with pencil, watercolor, or colored pencil and those original works are printed on high-quality papers. Every piece of art is limited edition signed and numbered.


Ironically, I found out about Kristina Krogh on THE POSTER CLUB, but I looked intensely at more her works through her webpage. After pondering over the blueprint for a while,  I carefully chose one of her largest collections (70 x 100cm), Solar (It's even on sale now!), which is simple and reminds of the subtle shades of golden sun. The art print is made from her original drawing with thousands of dots made by hand. It is hot foil printed to the high quality textured paper pressed with gold metallic foil. I haven't seen it yet as it's on the way, but I'm excited to see that the metallic foils change when the light hits them, or when I move around a room as the designer described. Also, she kindly advised about framing that enhance the appearance of artworks, and her recommendation is bespoke float mounting that keeps the artwork away from the glass. However, I think it might be a bit expensive. So, there is also another option; finding a right ready-made frame! Happily, she mentioned that THE POSTER CLUB offers lovely wooden frames. 

All images related to Solar ⓒ Kristina Krogh ( )

All images related to Solar ⓒ Kristina Krogh (


When you want to infuse the spirit and a new life into your space, I think that there is no better way than to bring art prints. First of all, it's very affordable, and there are various places you can discover great pieces. I love keeping the favorite arts in the space because there is a great moment of the contact with arts while I am just walking around. Just imagine a scene; There is a reading nook with an armchair, a floor stand and a piece of tasteful art at the corner. Undoubtedly, the scene arouses a smile.

My interest in arts started from the impressive experience when I was invited to my friend's place for a tea time in the morning. Her family collected a variety of arts with the passion, and the aura of the paintings that reflect the personality of the family created a very distinctive atmosphere. Also, I enjoyed listening to the behind stories of every single piece.


It's crucial for personal taste when you choose art. So, I don't recommend buying something just because it's trendy. If you really love it, it doesn't matter. However, in any case, I think it's better to fill space with somewhat touching your heart. 


So, here I'd like to share my favorite online art print stores.






There are well curated Scandinavian style art prints that suit well simple, minimal and modern interiors.

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Running by Seoul Auction. You can own prominent modern and contemporary masterpieces as a limited edition. Currently, it seems like providing support only in Korean language. 

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A wide range of illustrations, graphic arts, and interesting photography. I bought an art print here, books by Carlos ARL. You can choose different sizes from mini to X-large and various materials to print on such as paper, canvas, and metal. Also, you can make mobile phone case, cushion, towel and so on with your favorite artworks. 

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There are lots of watercolored, pastel-toned, soft feel art prints. 

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  Please let me know where is your favorite place to shop arts!


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