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Where do I spend the most time in a day at home? I thought about it and it was my home office. Since it’s the smallest space, compared to the bedroom and living room, I didn’t really give my thoughts into it. However, turns out it’s the best place to stay during the daytime with a window view facing the south of hills, red roofs, and spire of a church which all gives a good mood. 

When I decided to use this narrow and long space as a home office, I put the desk I had along the side wall, but the passage was too confined to set the chairs with the table depth of 80cm. Fortunately, the table was separable from the center, so I decided to fold it in half and put the long side of the desk horizontally of the room and share the table with my husband. 




I used the space without any complaints at first, but soon realized that the drawers in the center made it quite inconvenient for me to move my chair freely. Also, the desk was too small to put things on top when it’s kept folded in half, but it was uncomfortable to go pass the desk when it was fully expanded. It’s just impossible to repeatedly fold and unfold the desk every time for each use.




We needed to give up the current desk and buy a longer one that fits the side of the wall. I could arrange a longer table by putting up the desk top on the unidentified problematic built-in box in front of the window.

The table was assembled with the world-renowned IKEA’s products. I set up the desk to a total length of 240cm by connecting two desk tops with a depth of 60cm and a length of 120cm in order to use a longer desk while still securing more space for passing. It's funny how I got to benefit from the mysterious box that I hated at first by not needing to buy extra table legs. I didn’t like to see too many legs of the desk, so I connected the two desk panels on top of one leg. I had to drill other holes for the screws, but it wasn’t that difficult. After putting the table on it, I installed wall shelves and neatly placed black & white tones of magazine files, ring binders, and boxes.


IMG_8737 copy.jpg

As for the formal table, I kept the desk drawer and folded the table plate to use it as a mini bar behind the chairs. This space allows me to use the workspace much cleaner without having to put snacks, water, and teapot on the computer desk. Also, I plan to use this table occasionally when I need more workspace.

IMG_8663  copy.jpg
IMG_8674 copy.jpg


In fact, this space has one more function besides an office, which is my husband's “Hobby Room”. He enjoys exercising, so there’s a lot of sports equipment that can easily mess up the room. However, since I cannot always tell him to put his stuff back in the cabin after use, I found a good way for him to organize his gears by utilizing the wall with IKEA's SKÅDIS series. They have hooks, shelves and more for the customizable pegboard to get even the smallest objects in order.



It seems that the biggest point in making this room look wider is to arrange furniture according to the shape of the long and narrow space. Also, the change of the table lets me see the beautiful scenery outside the window with just one turn of an eye. I feel calm and refreshed when I take the time for a cup of tea by the delightful view. I hope this home office will be a pleasant space to tarry long and be full of slow but productive and creative projects.


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