My first real Christmas tree EVER!


I've just turned on a playlist of  Christmas music writing this blog, and as expected the first song was the most classic song, Yes! All I want for Christmas is you. Finally, Christmas is only two weeks away, and undoubtedly it's the most wonderful time of the year! Are you guys fully enjoying the Christmas spirit?


This year I intend to relish Christmas mood thoroughly. So, first I bought an Advent calendar which is an easy and convenient way. There are hundreds of different types of Calendar, but I chose the most common type that I can enjoy sweets every day.  



However, the most important mission was to decorate a real Christmas tree. From last years I made plans again and again but missed the right timing all the time. While I stamped my feet as I couldn't put it off any longer, I luckily found a special offer and right away made a trip on one rainy night to fetch a proper tree. I picked up one that seemed to be beautiful among the group of trees covered in nets, but when I stripped it away at home, I realised the tree was 145cm tall and much more luxuriant and bulkier than I expected. As I bought the illumination due to my conjecture about the volume of the tree, the length of cable and number of bulbs were not enough, and I thought that it might be better with more lights. However, after I hang all the ornaments on the tree, it was quite well balanced. I have various shapes and sizes of antique silvery ornaments from nkuku that I showcased as a part of the Si's winter collection a few years ago, so the color scheme has set to silver.


The ornaments from nukuku are handmade from recycled glass or mirror with pretty vintage inspired ribbons. Although the decorations themselves are quite simple and basic, the fabrics have different colors so that the Christmas scene is not dull. Firstly, I hang my favorite acorn shaped in the best place and put the small things on the top and the heavy stuff on the bottom. There are different types of Christmas trees in the market; I bought Nordmann Fir that is loved by Swiss people. Norman Fir is attractive because of the straight stem in the middle of the tree rising to the top. It is usually not included a stand, so I bought it separately and covered it with linen fabric later.


My first Christmas tree does a great job as a lighting source at the late night as well! I love how the hand-etched ornaments appear to shimmer in the light. If I say that my dog even seems to stay longer on the sofa next to the tree, am I taking it a little far? Watching beautifully lit Christmas tree, I found myself immersed in deep thoughts about how I spent this year,  and I expect good things to happen in the new year. Now I put up the Christmas tree. Therefore, it's time to enjoy looking at the gifts that will come under the tree day by day!!