Find Hidden Treasure


I love spending a time to look at something that someone used to have and has finally come to a second-hand shop. Here I'm talking about only a general second-hand shop, not a fancy selected-vintage shop. You might have noticed that I admire the value of old things which is a charming aura through a long journey hand to hand and this view is reflected in lifestyle Si's design philosophy.

Well, there are a few criteria for my second-hand stroll. First, and the most important thing is that price should be very low. Second, the bigger place such as a huge warehouse or even vast park is better because it means that there would be a wide range of choices. And the last thing is that the atmosphere should be comfortable where I would not feel ill at ease and stay as much as possible. If there are cozy corners like a small cafe to grab a coffee or small snacks or armchairs to browse books, it would be really great. When all these conditions are met, it's time to explore and have a fun treasure hunting! 

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
— Confucius

Recently I've found a couple of interesting second-hand shops in my surrounding area where fulfill the conditions mentioned above. I'm based in Switzerland and, I could find several shops which are called Brockenhaus or Brocki. 

My first visit was to Heilsarmee brocki Zürich by chance. Before that, I visited a well-selected vintage shop where was on my list and just looked around that area and found it. I was very surprised because of very affordable prices and of course I could find a few hidden gems. But, I didn't buy anything at that time because I had limited time to think what I could adopt into my life.

The next visit was to Zücher Brockenhaus where has got fairly high ratings so I expected to find more treasures and guess what happened? I was completely besotted by unique and attractive furniture which I can't normally see in high street stores. While so many things captured my heart, I obtained only a pendant lamp which is made of mother-of-pearl and left with a promise to myself to come back again. The thing is, I want to bring something into my life with genuine heart and soul.  


My recent destination was Heilsarmee brocki St.Gallen which was much closer to my home. My plan was to find a cabinet for the hallway and there were a couple of options which was not bad. Again, I needed to be more discreet about a new relationship. I decided not to buy a cabinet, therefore, let myself explore the shop freely. Actually, it was filled with a lot of small items such as glassware, dishware, and I started to look at closely. 


Along the way, I stumbled upon a pile of plates with beautiful illustrations. I confess that I've always wanted to have a beautiful collection of Anthropologie-style plates in my cupboard for a special occasion but I've hesitated to buy them because I know that I'll rarely use them hence I didn't want to pay for. Anyway, I found them by chance and finally brought them into my life paid only CHF 0.99 for each one!! This is how amazing second-hand shopping is! Finding treasures at second-hand shops is not always easy and requires patience but, it is certainly worth a visit because the rewards are quite great.