Add some Colors for your Refreshing Mood


At some point, we can feel that spring is just around the corner. For me, it happened last Saturday. I was on the way home along the lake by bike and suddenly felt spring in the air. A light breeze was blowing, the sky was so clean and blue, and sunshine was soft and warm. I had no choice but stop to enjoy that moment for a while. Since I returned home, immediately I felt that my place was still in the middle of the winter season which was a bit dull and somber. It was keenly needed a change of scenery.


The first thing that came to my mind were flowers. Flowers are the best friends that can bring a dull room back to life. I set up the main colour as pink and would like to bring a little bit of sky-blue somehow. In a flower shop, there were already more choices than a short time ago. Yes. It's spring! As I've got a strong pink orchid at home, I picked Wachsblume(Hoya in English) up which is between pink and white. Hoya is a very delicate small flower and it comes together in a twig. Luckily I gained a pot of soft sky-blue grape hyacinth at half price :) Right on cue, a new carpet just arrived as well. With that bright carpet which is inspired by Moroccan beni ourain design, I set our living room putting a pink orchid on the black glass coffee tables. Coffee tables are jet black but sleek and glossy which are also well matched with carpet pattern and I laid a bubble paperweight to add more light and sparkling feeling. And Hoya took the place on the right side of the piano instead of pumpkins and dried flower. So, Voilà! 


For the bedroom, I finally untied the bow of my yellow linen pillow cases. Here I would like to play more with colours  so, I tried to let the different type of blankets on the white duvet. Vibrant yellow immediately changed the atmosphere of the bedroom and basically, it matched very well with every item which I have. With grey, green, and ivory, it worked very well. After some playing, finally I set the bedding like a navy mattress cover, white duvet cover, green cotton blanket with yellow pillow cases and occasionally will add Moroccan wedding blanket and cushion together for more fun. In addition, Monstera Delicious doubled greenish freshness.


Lastly, hyacinth found its place in front of the bathroom window. In the afternoon, Sunshine comes through the window and it makes a beautiful shade on the marble wall. Originally I tried to put it in the living room but, it wasn't looking so good with other flowers. Anyway, I think here is the best place where it matches with a bright blue sky.