Statement Desk Accessories


I'm a person who thinks the start of the year is actually from March rather than January.  I feel that January and February are still freezing cold and the day is so short to motivate myself. After starting March, in the afternoon my office is bathed in warm sunshine and it revitalises my energy to encourage myself to try new things. To be more efficient and also more creative, I want to tidy up my work desk and change the surroundings.


My desk is just simple white one so I choose transparent, gold & silver, and again white as a colour scheme. Recently, I found very high quality drawing pads by ITO Bindery. It has a thick paperboard on the back and top and it helps to write on it stably.

Bubble Paperweight by OYOY is just an amazing object especially when you let sunlight pass through this glass paperweight. It makes beautiful shades on the desk. 

To store my small things like pens, sharp pencilspaper clips, scissors, etc., my choice is this elegant desk organiser by beyond object. It's very minimal and architectural. The combination of the materials is just perfect!