Ready, Set, Go!


Frankly speaking, I'm not very conscious of joining trend when it comes to fashion but rather a sort of person who keeps buying similar clothes. Nevertheless, I love to add new clothes to my wardrobe and set the crisp outfit before I have a special day. Even if there are no special things, sometimes I just want to spruce up a bit more carefully. So, I'm determined to make a small corner to hang outfits on the wall to have fun exploring my closet and discover a new look.

It was quite simple really, I just fixed three black hooks to the wall above the storage which I normally use as a bench. The only thing to make sure before you drill a hole is the position of the hooks. Try to hang your long dress or coat with a hanger and see if it touches the floor. After it, I set the hooks spaced 15 cm apart from center to center.

Don’t laugh at a youth for his affectations; he is only trying on one face after another to find his own.
— Logan Pearsall Smith

On the corner of the bench, I displayed my favorite bottles of perfume on a mirror tray and a small makeup mirror as well. By pinning inspiring images, you can feel more personal touch. Trifling things always creep in and these can be hidden in the boxes.  


I just fell in love with this minimal, sculptural, and lovely blush pink jewelry box designed by AYTM. I don't have a massive accessory collection so this little box would be fine to display my favorite things. 

This place has become my favorite cozy corner for now despite there isn't a comfortable armchair or a chic chaise lounge because the things of beauty always instantly make us feel better.