Organised Simplicity


I think that books are one of the best objects to make an effortless elegance instantly for your home and they can be set on the bookshelves or bedsides just as they are. However, in reality, we don't only have nicely covered books, especially in the home office. We have unavoidable intruders: lots of scattered papers and brochures that are needed to archive, and a lot of clutter. These would messed up quickly if you don't organise them well.  

After my Milan trip, I've got some new brochures and business cards. They were piled up on my desk for a while. The reason was, while this may sound like an excuse, that I needed to review Milan design week. Finally, I've wrapped up my impression of Milan, and there are no more excuses that I can insist on having the pile of papers.


If your office has limited space to have a standing bookshelf, you can consider a type of wall mounted bookshelf. It was my situation that I have a narrow office, so I chose adjustable wall mounted wall shelf which is affordable, simple and functional. There are a variety of ranges of it, from very high-quality metal design to something you just can see in the utility room. My point was the right dimensions to fit into the place and minimal design. Therefore my choice was rather cheap and simple option. But I adhered to a color palette: white hardware, white shelves, white magazine files, and boxes. Yes, all white!


I went through all the brochures and assorted them into six kinds for ease of access later on. I still prefer having real material than a digital one, and I love the time looking at all the things sometimes. That's why yet I do this. The process of installation was very straightforward and easy. First, measure the area and figure out the right hardware to fit in it. In my case, I checked the area above the printer where I'd like to have shelves and decided to have 1200mm wide shelves. I ordered two of 1m height single slot upright brackets, two sets of 230mm slot bracket supporting and fixing the shelves, and two 1200mm wide x 250mm depth shelves from Coop bau+hobby. I believe that you can easily find the similar products in your area. If you want to place binding files, you should order deeper, probably 300mm, shelf. It depends on what you want to lay on the shelves. With a spirit level, draw the horizontal and vertical lines and fix the upright brackets, then put up shelves and secure with screws. The last step is of course personal touch. I decorated the shelves with a pot of green ivy, a portable lamp, a framed picture, and some white objects to add warm and cozy atmosphere.