Paris Design Week <1>


It has been six years since I visited Maison et Objet last time. I adore Milan Design Week which takes place every April, so Paris Design Week has always taken a back seat. I usually visit London Design week in September, but I changed my mind to do something different this time.  

As I didn't have an experience of Paris Design Week, my priority was obviously Maison et Objet. Honestly, I confess that the first impression of M&O was a bit disappointed. Let me explain. I have got used to lots of major brands that I visited at Salone del Mobile Milan, and I expected that M&O would be similar to that. However, there were more like thousands of independent labels who are dealing with home accessories, home fragrance, kitchenware, something like this. There was just a gap between my expectation and reality. It could be the best fair if I came for buying that I have a break for at the moment. 

M&O is held twice a year, January and September. I only experienced it in September, and I'm just talking about it. I felt that M&O offers opportunities for seeing more detailed things connected with our life intimately and a variety of different contemporary styles at the same place rather than seeing megatrends; for this, I recommend you Salone del Mobile more. 

I think we don't need to define trends in a few words and spend time checking them through the design week. The reason why I visit design week, again and again, is to find the right information for me amongst a wide range of styles, to meet new partners, also to get inspired by unique style which I've never thought. 


Masion & objets 2017


Every time M&O chooses a keyword and inspires visitors. The theme of this season was 


It sounds so cliche, but home is becoming more and more an essential place having the comfort of body and mind as the world situation is getting unstable and unsafe. 

Regressive Comfort 

Recently I read a book <Happy> written by Amanda Talbot talking about home focused on happiness, and I felt that my re-image of home after I read this book and the image of regressive comfort zone has something in common. I liked the perspective to define comfort not only as calm and quiet but also humorous and joyful. I couldn't help smiling for a long time to look at the chairs by AP collection made of different gestured cuddle toys that we were along with in our childhood. Sometimes we just make fun like a child and find out things that remind of childhood, and then we feel deep comfort in our heart, don't we?

An A-Z of Comfort   

A-Z of comfort gave me the opportunity to think about what is the real meaning of comfort to me? For example, I_Illumination. Light is crucial to me because it gives me coziness and secured feeling. I can do it a bit more like this.



Ay illuminate 



P.Le Moult 



Tristan Auer

 is a designer of the year for this time. His bright white pavilion was aesthetically beautiful, although it is furnished without special adornment. One room was surrounded by his inspiration images, material samples, and sketches so that I could feel his passion and creative mind. However, it is a shame that I haven't got to visit the places that he designed. I put Les Bains hotel, the quintessence of craftsmanship, on my wishlist for the next visit to Paris. 


I met especially a lot of Belgian brands in M&O. I guess that it is related to language and geographical reason. My favorite booth in this fair was HOTEL BELCHIQUE; Different Belgian brands collaborated in presenting their products in a concept of the hotel.  Hotel is a place speaking for lifestyle and the peak of branding. I think that hotel covers all aspects of life. That's the reason I'm interested in it so much. Therefore, I loved the concept of the hotel-like booth in which they were not only showcasing products but also set carefully to make a cozy atmosphere. For a similar example, The Apartment_New York_by The Line set their place like a real apartment, and, honestly, it is my business goal. I was also satisfied to find a lot of unique sources such as high-quality lightings, switches, and wood panels for the future projects from that booth.  


The way and perspective connecting to the world seem to be influenced by the current interests. I usually enjoy drinking coffee, but I 'm getting interested in tea recently. So, I can say that En Tea x Teamlab x M&O was the best experience. I thought that it was a desirable case well-combined emotion design and high-tech.  


Flowers bloom in an infinite universe inside a teacup. Make tea and flowers bloom inside the teacup. Move the teacup or pick it up and all of the flower petals scatter and spread outside of the cup. As long as there is tea in the cup, flowers will continue to appear and bloom. <>


I was amazed by the beautiful way of drinking tea, and  I was quite surprised to be able to focus on my own time in a busy and kept moving surrounding. Their matcha has also dedicated taste and scent.   


At this point, I'm going to talk about trends for a while. The most popular trends that I found a lot is corrugated detail. It applied to various materials like marble, concrete, wood, steel, and fabric, so I saw lots of applications in wall claddings, furniture and so on. 


Terrazzo was still on the top of the mainstream; it's not only for finish material like tile but also furniture, soft furnishing, and stationery. I was quite excited to get to visit Maison Kitsune (18 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75011 Paris, France). I found it when Terrazzo started to become a huge trend. I have been interested in Terrazzo that has large particles designed by Max Lamb so much. Undoubtedly, it makes the cheerful and pleasing atmosphere when I saw in reality. I recommend visiting Maison Kitsune because it is a delightful place filled with trendy materials and formative furniture. Also, cute clothes and accessories!


Memphis inspired design is still beloved. Is there really the limit of combinations with lines, arch, sphere, cylinder, cone, and so on?


Hooped lighting caught my attention. There were two ways of hooped lighting. The one illuminating itself made of neon is more attractive than the other as indirect lighting. I stumbled upon refined Voie Light designed by  Sabine Marcelis from Gallery Bensimon in Marais, and large-scaled hooped neon in Cafe Season, I went to eat avocado toast, worked well as the main lighting and give a dramatic visual impact. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 15.25.15.png

Plants are one of the important elements that you can't miss in interior design, but the thing is always maintenance. So, I was quite interested in Terrarium. I found TerrariumArt that has storytelling with tiny figures at M&O, and lifestyle shop Fleux' in Paris presents terrarium section that shows people's interests of city gardening. I think busy people find hardness to grow plants, so they can have interests in a small garden which can grow well naturally. Exotic plants are still huge trends, and I think it's worth giving attention to The DYBDAHL.CO's mega-sized prints which remind of a Botanical garden when you want to make modern jungle home.


Well, It may be a longer story than I expected, so I wrap up the review about M&O, and I will continue the story what I saw and felt though Paris design week in the city.