Paris Design Week <2>


I visited M&O for two days, but it wasn't enough despite being diligent. Eventually, I just glanced through endless booths along the long hallway in the vast hall. I stayed near the exhibition center during the M&O. Thus I was able to spend time efficiently with less travel time and more relaxed at night. After M&O, I moved to the center of Paris. I stayed at two brotherlike hotels: Hotel Panache, Hotel bienvenue. Moreover, I looked forward to staying at Hotel bienvenue which is a brand-new hotel, because once I had stayed at the former version. I set these two hotels aside to go into detail later. Undoubtedly, I recommend you two hotels in which I had a charming experience of boutique hotels in every aspect.  

As soon as I checked in the hotel, I headed straight to Now Le off! which was at the last minute. It was young and fresh, nonetheless, it left something to be desired. To refresh myself, I went to AD intérieurs at La Monnaie de Paris that I found the information from social media.


I was totally blown away by extraordinary interiors. First and foremost, La chambre de marbre by Mathieu Lehanneur which was far more marvelous in reality than its images. That is to say; this space was an aesthetic perfection. I appreciate his sense and ability to handle marble to achieve such elegant pieces. 

La chambre de marbre by Mathieu Lehanneur
La cuisine-salon by Isabelle Stanislas
La lingerie metal-pop by Rudolph Parente


You can meet great talented designers whom you adore; I also had a great time with full of inspiration. I think this exhibition is held every year, so you should not miss it if you visit Paris Design Week.


I stopped by some places in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Although there were some yellow signs written Paris Design Week in front of the venues, I didn't find anything interesting. To take shelter from the rain, I sat on the seat at Cafe de Flore, which is one of the most popular spots in Paris, and had an onion soup and a coffee watching passerby. I stared at Parisian who is effortlessly chic for a long time.  


I went to two galleries that handle furniture or lightings; they function as a statement piece like an artwork. In Mr 14 located in Marais, I met the lightings by Serge Mouille Édition, Playground Editions, and design duo Desjeux Delaye. Especially Desjeux Delaye made artic scenes by arranging their own designed lightings with bold colored backdrops in the gallery.


And, Galerie Room located in Montmartre was a place that you can take a look and buy modern furniture, lightings, and accessories designed by various young designers. 



I always keep my eyes on Korean design that I come across not just because I'm a Korean, but also I'm genuinely interested in Korean design and Asian design. The charm of Korean design grows on me over time. Thanks to the people who introduce Korean design to the world consistently, I think that the perception and attention given to it have been growing so much. Accordingly, I also would like to introduce beautiful Korean design as far as possible.


I love spaces going well with Japanese maples and Shoji screen that has elegant modern oriental charm.  In M&O, Scapa Home presented simple muted toned area with Japanese maples, and Guaxs caught people's attention to their beautiful glass vases through the clean and warm atmosphere that comes from Shoji screen. 


My shop items from the Paris trip was LA NOUVELLE TABLE by Serax collaborated with Merci. I found it at M&O and loved right way because of color, design, the idea of combination, and I thought that I could use it quite well in my daily life. So I headed to Merci and bought small pieces from the collection; I would rather order large items through the internet later. I thought that veggie sticks, olives, pickled vegetables, and dipping source would be going well with it on the table. 


Today, there’s nothing that we love more than to conjure a multitude of tapas and small dishes and share them with family and friends. In answer to this new way of life and to meet these new needs, Merci has created a whole range of dishes, inspired by the famous ‘American Modern Dinnerware’ by Russel Wright and by the traditional Japanese ‘bento’. The collection is made of sandstone and maple wood, in four different colours, and designed as a puzzle of twelve elements that can be stacked or fitted together at wish. The rest is up to you! <>


In Paris, there are so many fantastic museums and galleries that you must visit. My favorite sculptor is Brancusi, and his Atelier has been so long on my list, so my choice was to visit his place. Surprisingly, it was free as a special exhibition, and I stayed in his atelier for a long time to look at his splendid works. 


When I planned for the Paris trip, I wanted to experience something unique. So,  I checked the experiences part on Airbnb that has added recently. Among the various meetings, I was interested in fragrance tour that you can learn about perfume. Unfortunately, I was not able to join the workshop, but after that point, I could have eyes finding a lot of small perfumeries in Paris. I'm usually quite sensitive to scents like perfume, diffuser and room fragrance at home because I think that there is no better way to make people feel good instantly than pleasant scents. Eventually, my research reached Le Grand Musée du Parfum which is a perfume museum. There is another perfume museum in Paris running by Fragonard, so if you have time, you can check both places. Le Grand Musée du Parfum newly opened recently, and you can experience perfume with five senses rather than just get knowledge. You can experience about perfume and scent and see how they present fragrance in beautiful ways.

IMG_7294 (2).JPG
IMG_7307 (2).JPG

Finally, I wrapped up my Paris trip at Le Grand Musée du Parfum that was a beautiful place itself. At the beginning of my Paris design week, I looked for spots that were introduced in the map here and there, but I was so disappointed as I expected something similar that I saw in Milan design week. Thereafter, I just decided to explore the city and I was fascinated with the beauty of Paris again. It really was. I could not stop clicking the shutter at gorgeous Paris, and once again I could feel why people have been dreaming about the romance with Paris.