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Fortunately, I have a bathroom with a sunny window. It would have been perfect if I had a bathtub, but I'm just grateful to be able to look at the beautiful scenery in the shower. The bathroom has a bright and mild mood with Herringbone pattern wooden floor, white marble wall, and ceiling of white wooden paneling, so I wanted to keep it as clean as possible with basic and simple decorations.

Personally, the first image that comes to mind when it comes to a bathroom is Mario Testino's Towel Series. A clean image of a white towel wrapped around the head, with a bathrobe on. It seems this is where my story about bathroom began. One more thing, I wanted to make the silver color a little more conspicuous by considering the current faucets and hardware. Such as adding a classic towel rack or hooks of the sort. 



The wooden bathroom floor gives warm feeling so I thought it would be nice to place another identical material, like a long old wooden stool. It would be good for leaving spare towels, massage brush, body oil and so on. Don’t forget a bath mat large and thick enough to protect the floor. Pictures and paintings seem to add flavors to space, so I plan to place a relaxing neutral black-and-white photograph and a warm woody fragrant candle together to add warmth to the bathroom.

I leave only the things I use every day to try to keep the washstand clean. It would also be fun to put a toothpaste squeezer, the one I used to have when I was little to press it all the way, to give a nostalgic mood along with clear liquid soap bottle and toothbrush holder. 

I do not plan to replace the mirror and light yet, but if I had the chance, I would like to try out a retro-designed pivot mirror. And here, make a finishing touch with a milky white wall lamp that shines in a circle!!

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