[Homedit] Autumny Cushions


When I feel the season changes, the first thing that comes to my mind is new cushions. Spending small amounts of money to buy a couple of pillows and having a new atmosphere is my favorite seasonal refresh.

I’m wary of bringing new colors into the room, so I prefer playing with different textures and materials. Various autumn materials such as corduroy, velvet, wool, quilt, fur, embroidered details are ready to meet us. In term of combinations, it depends on your sofa style and color, and also your room color scheme. However, deep and warm earthy colors like caramel brown, burgundy, in general, would look great with earthy and neutral tone. So, here I selected my favorite autumn cushions and styled them with different types of the popular sofas.

Grey sofa cushion styling.jpg

This is probably my favorite combination for the autumn. Camel, black, grey melange and ecru. Here, I’ve chosen different mat materials. When you want to have a more adventure, add some patterns. A large-scale abstract pattern, a small geometric pattern, and a line drawing detail work well together.

White sofa cushion styling.jpg

If you are a minimalist and neutral color lover, then you stick to the current color scheme and just add different textures and subtle patterns. Arrange them in a traditional way which presents the perfect symmetry.

Salon cushion styling.jpg

You’re considering a gorgeous salon-styled living room, then go for more patterns, different shapes, and details. First, let's choose accent pattern cushions. One design could be organic, and another would be a bit more geometric. Balance is always important! And play with various forms. When you want to bring many colors but take less risk, then bring the colors from the patterns. It would be diverse yet not so loud. Pompon detail is adorable and gives more dimensions.



Multicolor Knotted Cushion

Jacquard-weave Cushion

Channeled Velvet Cushion

Embroidered Cushion

Corduroy Cushion

Jacquard-weave Cushion

Copper Velvet Cushion

Mosaic Bolster Cushion

Patterned Cushion

Lambskin Cushion

Pompom Cushion

Stripe Salon Cushion

Vintage Velvet Cushion

Portrait Cushion

Round velvet Cushion

Burgandy Velvet Cushion

Mirage Cushion

Woven Cushion

Leaf Salon Cushion

Tassel Cushion


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