[pre-made design] Holiday Interior Styling

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Brown, Amber, Beige… These earthy tones have been probably my favorite colors throughout this year. When I started to look for inspiration for the holiday decoration, I’ve got chances to find those earthy toned items. Also, I’m currently a big fan of glass. So, I decided to mix those two things and name the theme as <Glow Amber Holiday Decor>. And I’m thrilled about this simple and elegant holiday look!

Admittedly, a Christmas tree will be a hero in the living room, plus I’d like to hang some globe glass ornaments around the pendant light above the dining table. Christmas ornaments in glass with a textured pattern from H&M Home comes in clean transparent, and beautiful ocher and ruby color. Also, I’ll match a few opal glass balls from Interio together. My idea is to use these ornaments as a chandelier inspired by the Bocci pendant light.

Pine needles, pine cones, and other green leaves are always my main decor resource. I’ll add some green leaves with white candles, hang simple wreaths in front of the window and on the main entrance door, and make a centerpiece using both pine needles and cones with a candle stand.

I’ll go for the combination of textured white paper and sophisticated brown velvet ribbon tape for the gift wrapping. And probably putting on some rosemary herbs as a decoration.

So, here is my interior concept mood board for this winter holiday season. I used some of my current furniture for the dining area, but also some of the items, such as sofa, coffee table, and carpet, are on my radar.

holiday decor moodboard.jpg

As soon as I set my place with the concept, I’ll share the final look on Instagram. I hope that this post will give you some inspiration.



Textured Ornaments

Viscose Carpet

Black Rim Plate

Metal Chairs

Transpatent Ornament

Ottoman Coffee Table

Gold Candle Holder

Linen Napkins

Acorn Ornaments

Jacquard-weave Blanket

Gold Rim Flute

Brass & Smoky Glass Lamp

Lambswool Cushion

Offset Sofa by Menu

Gold Mini Tray

Brown Glass Bowl

Portrait Cushion

Gray Fluffy Stool

Beverage Glass

Gold Rim Carafe


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