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I wish you all A Very Merry December! I’m guessing that the first thing that you did for this month is probably getting a Christmas tree, then you probably started looking for the gifts for your friends and family. If you didn’t buy any gifts on impulse, then you probably had a better chance to find more meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones. This year, I’ve thought about it for a lot and I finally listed 10 things that I’d like to give and also get from others. If you've already checked-off the gifts for those closest to you then these will undoubtably be great gifts. However, if you've been lacking in new ideas, hopefully you can find some inspiration in this blog.



Although energetic and hard working people never seem to get tired, they’re human and need more rewind time. Personally, I’ve got a couple of spa vouchers and every time I was so happy to get those gifts. Choose a lovely spa near their place; it doesn’t need to be a full hotel+spa package. There are also beautiful spas in the city or near the town, so people can take a slow down moment easily and come back home on the same day.


Master Class subscription

Everybody enjoys learning new things, especially in the new year! My husband and I recently found Master Class, and we were intensely curious about it. Not much later, my husband subscribed the All-Access Pass. I also checked some of the classes, and they’re fantastic. You can learn writing from Dan Brown, cooking from Gorden Ramsey, singing from Christina Aguilera, and more things! So, if someone is a keen learning person, it could be the right gift, I believe.

For fashion lover


A clean and study white t-shirt is something everybody keeps buying years after year, isn’t it? But I don’t tend to buy it, because other stunning items catch my eyes. So, why not give some good quality essential items as a gift? White & Black or Stripe cotton t-shirts will be lovely. You can get the nice one with an affordable price from some of the high street brands, such as Arket and Cos. A cashmere jumper and scarf are a bit pricey, but they will be great gifts for the Christmas season.

for Homebody

Hot Water Bottle

I actually doubted whether the hot water bottles work really. But, My thinking changed entirely after my trip to South Africa. I stayed at a guest house and got those warm buddies for my husband and me. It was chilly winter in South Africa. Thanks to the kind consideration, we could sleep well in the warm and cozy mood. This small bag will make your loved ones staying comfortable and warm at home.

for night owl

Soy Wax Candle

I tend to light up candles often in winter and especially this holiday season. Candle is such a mood-maker, and I never get disappointed when I’ve got a candle as a present. And, when I work at night, a candle always help me to focus more and relax more at the same time. There are lots of wintery and Christmasy scented candles. But this time, you can go with the better quality candle which is made of soy wax and with a modern package. I stumbled upon a candle brand recently, which is GLYK Company. They sell very simple and clean packaged soy wax candles. And I’d love to get their “Christmas” candle.

For romantic people

시차향 Package

This idea actually came from a Korean company, Sidetable. They used to sell 시차향 package which includes a poetry book, good tea, and scent, to be accurate, home fragrance in one box. How romantic and lovely idea! Those three items will cultivate our romantic view of life.

For well-being people


When I saw the small incense box from HiBi, I thought it was just a matchbox. But, after I figured out what it was exactly. I fell in love with it. This incense looks not too oriental, that’s why I like it even more. It’s tiny, but you can’t ignore the effect. So, your loved ones like doing yoga and meditate regularly, it’s going to be a good friend with them.

for your partner


As you’re getting busier, your time is getting valuable. That’s why I was led to this idea. Although you’ve already spent a lot of time with your partner, do you really dedicate your time to your partner? So, why not give your time only for your most loved one? So, this year, I’m going to issue some coupons with the right gift(I hope so) to my hubby. It might sound very cringe, but I think it’s an adorable idea. Hopefully, he’s not going to read this post.

for your friends & neighbor

Hold a Party

This idea also came from the same reason as the previous idea. You can invite your friends and closed neighbor and throw a dinner party. Who doesn’t like to go to an intimate dinner party? I’m going to throw a Korean night this Saturday, and my husband and I will prepare delicious Korean food and give them small gifts with sweet treats.

For People who begin a new life

E-design service (30% discount valid until the end of 2019)

Last but not least gift idea is an e-design gift. If you want to give a brilliant gift for the couple who is going to get married, someone who is going to move to a new place, or who is struggling to organize their home, this gift would be lovely. So, I’ve decided to offer 30% discount on my e-design during the December, and it’s valid for one year. A printable gift card will be sent via E-mail.

I used to think that a gift should be surprising, so I didn’t tell people what I would give them. Also, I gave people the task to figure out how I’d be happy. Also, I only considered the exact product as a gift. But, over the years, I’ve come to realize that gifts can be not material things. That’s why I tried to focus on experience gifts and sensible gifts that will remain long in our memory. Well, it might be impossible to pick the perfect gift unless you let your loved ones pick their own gifts, But, I believe that we still need a surprise in our life!

Do you have any other brilliant ideas for the gift? Please let me know your thoughts on it. 



Master Class Subscription

Cashmere Scarf

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

Soy Wax Candle

Hibi 10 Mins Incense


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