My Cosy & Chic Bedroom


It started like this. I just wanted to have a different kind of room instead of a white room. I thought which place would be great for it, and I decided to make the bedroom cosier with some dark colors. My husband and I already had a bed, shelves, and drawers in black, because we’d agreed that we preferred having the bedroom in a dark mood when we started buying furniture.

Last winter, I started off making over my bedroom. First, I tested different grey colors, and then I decided to paint the walls mid-toned grey which was Pavillion Grey from Farrow & Ball. And I bought a set of Charcoal Grey linen bedding to make the room calmer and chicer. However, it was pushed back in the priority list because I put more efforts into the living room, and home office, and my bedroom remained unfinished. Since I didn’t finish decorations, the atmosphere was not enough cosy. Besides, I didn’t have bedside tables, and I had to let my belongings on the floor.


So, I went back to the bedroom before winter came because I wanted to stay warm and cosy during the long winter nights. First of all, although I would keep the tone of the bedroom, I wanted to change the bedding to the brighter one. But, I preferred buying a bit more natural one with subtle stripes than pure white one. I was looking for the right one in my mind for a pretty long time, and eventually, I could find the most similar one from Interio. It was a natural linen bedding set with subtle stitched stripes in grey-brown. Also, I bought a thick and warm duvet and fluffy pillows. Then I put some mono-toned decorative cushions with different textures. Since the new duvet was warm enough, I just let a small blanket for a short break in the daytime. 


I have been using those side tables that I actually put for the bedside tables as a coffee table. I could’ve brought them back to the bedroom and got a new coffee table. But I ended up buying new bedside tables instead. The main reason was I needed some drawers next to the bed. I wanted to store some stuff easily such as cables, hand cream, lip balm, aroma oil, and books. Of course, I can let them on the table, but everything can’t always be pretty. So, I’ve got two same bedside tables that have wooden drawers with black frames. I love the design because they don’t look like too light, and the brass edge handles add some elegant mood.


I made a small gallery wall above the bedhead, and I’m planning to change the posters sometimes. I hung 3 black frames in 30x40cm side by side. This winter, I chose the same prints, For Rest from One Must Dash. They brought a peaceful and serene mood into my bedroom.

Lastly, I changed the temporary curtains to the proper satin dark grey curtains. Because the curtains cover the window side wall quite a lot, I feel like as if I’ve got one more dark grey wall. So, finally my cosy and chic bedroom is done, and I spend more time in my bedroom than ever.