The 7 Life Lessons I learned in 2018


Can you believe that? There are just a few days left this year. A few months ago, I figured that I would reflect this year properly and then plan next year based on the life lessons that I learned throughout the year. So, I decided to write 2 blog posts. In this post, I’m going to reflect on 2018, and my dream plan for 2019 will be following one week later.

Looking back at 2018, I realized that my plans for 2018 were pretty simple, but I have to say that they could be more structured and considered. So, my first life lesson is going to start from here.


1.  Take your time to plan ahead.

2018 was the year, I’ve learned a lot of things about planning and organizing my time. To be honest, I was not good at for those things, and I’m still learning. However, one thing is getting clear now. That is I need to set a certain time for planning. Instead of scrolling through social media, we need to value some time sitting down evenings and weekends and then planning the next day and week. As a blogger, to prepare one season ahead helped me a lot this year. I was able to produce free interior concepts for the autumn in summer, share holiday styling plans and X-mas gift ideas at the right time. I was allot to see such a difference after I planned my content in advance. That’s why I dedicated some time to set my journal for 2019 and filled it with lots of exciting plans before I start 2019.


2. Everything has the reason.

For the past several years, my decisions and plans were changed a lot. There were some reasons. I kept moving every two years, and it didn’t mean only cities, but also countries. Since 2013, I’ve lived in England, Germany, and Switzerland. Also, I went back and forth between my new residence and Seoul which is my hometown. I can say that now, I might have gone through a kind of identity crisis. Finally, I was able to stay in Switzerland for almost one year in 2018, and I focused more on me than ever. I never regret that I haven’t settled down in one place, because I know me, I can’t stay in one place whole my life. I rather appreciate that I have been able to have those opportunities to live in different areas. Actually, it turned out to make me even stronger, and I figured out what I really want to do wherever I live. Besides, I realized that I don’t need to become a different person because it’s me who has the unique background and character.


3. You’re on progress.

Sometimes, we tend to focus on what we haven’t done because we feel that we still have a long way to go. However, once you realize how much your life has been changed for several years, you’ll be surprised. For me, I’ve been worried a lot about my achievement, because I couldn’t see the significant differences every year. Looking back, let’s say 5 years ago, my life was totally different. I’ve changed my place, I’ve learned different languages, I’ve developed my baby, lifestyle Si, and many things. So, I decided not to worry too much every single minute. My life is on progress, and it’s a long race. If you wish big differences, it’ll obviously take more time. Just don’t forget where you are heading to and don’t give up in the middle!


4. But first organization.

I feel a bit upset about how much time I’ve wasted to find bits and pieces so far. I’ve tried to organize my apartment a lot this year, and I’ve seen already the differences. However, my weakest part is actually the digital part. My e-mails, computer folders, mobile phones, and cloud drives are embarrassingly not organized. I figured, if I want to improve my productivity next year, I should sort them out as soon as I can. During the winter holidays I’ve done sorting out my 4 different e-mails, deleting apps that I didn’t use and then organizing the rest of apps. I feel already much better, and I’ll continue to organize the others in January. I’ll be very painful to finish it, but I believe that the result will be life-changing.


5. Don’t buy a return ticket when you meet people.

This year, I met new amazing people in person. I really loved it and want to do it more next year. It seems that we spend a lot of time on social media to keep up with people, but sometimes we put our time stingily to meet real people. I usually don’t make other important plans when I meet people. Once I met someone whom I got to know through IG, we talked for almost 5 hours, and it was just amazing. However, the other day, I made a kind of mistake that was I bought a return ticket when I met someone new. I thought the first meeting for three hours would be enough, but it turned out not enough! In the end, I couldn’t focus on the conversation, what is worse, I even missed the train!! So, I decided, never buy a return ticket again, when I meet real people!


6. Poetic lifestyle doesn’t mean dreaming.

lifestyle Si, to be accurate, Si means poetry in Korean. With that concept, I’ve been trying to build poetic lifestyle through my blog and social media. Well, what does poetic lifestyle mean exactly? I started my blog to find more romance in our life. However, you know, our life is getting busier to have that kind of poetic time. So, I also tried to figure out how we can find more time for it. Actually, the best way to do it is by making our life simple. Decluttering, organizing, improving productivity, and so on. It may sound the opposite direction for the poetic lifestyle, but eventually you’ll find more time to enjoy the poetic lifestyle!


7. Don’t be afraid of getting older, but be careful of ageing.

We seem to worry too much to get older every year, but the number is actually not the big thing that matter. I like my thirties as much as my twenties. Maybe even more! I’ll probably love even more my forties in the future, who knows! Actually, the more important thing is ageing. When it comes to ageing, it is a barometer to show our lifestyle. To Keep the healthy skin, to get into shape are up to you how much effort you put into eating better, exercising regularly and reducing your stress. This year, I turned over mid-thirties, and to be honest, I don’t feel like the twenties anymore. When I eat and sleep badly, it shows right away on my face and through my body. So, I’m going to take care of myself more. Now, it totally depends on my lifestyle.


This year, I tried to focus on what I learned and achieved rather than what I didn’t do. Then, it’s time to celebrate them now. I won’t compare with others, what they have done, there is only one person I can compare, that is myself in the past.

Thank you for reading my long and very personal post. I realized that I actually love this kind of chatty blog post. I want to do it more often! I’m hoping that you also like it. I recommend you to have some time to look back at your 2018 as well. For me, it helped me plan next year clearer. So, I’ll share my dream plans for 2019 next week based on my life lessons!

Speak soon.

Sungeun x