Poetic Christmas Cards


This year, I let myself to immerse in the Christmassy atmosphere than ever. I’ve already done several home decorations, and I’m doing an Advent Calendar on Instagram until 24th December. Every morning I post an interesting theme and share my story. But also, I’d like to listen to the stories from others. That’s why I started this project. Last but not least, I’ve just done my hand-made Christmas cards. So, why not share my Christmas cards here with you?


My initial idea started off with my paper tapes. Earlier this year, I went to an exhibition in Korea. The exhibition was about paper design. And I found a brilliant souvenir at the museum shop, which was the paper tape and there is a poem written on it. How romantic! So, I had to get four tapes in different colors.


On the 1st of December, when I bought a Christmas tree and made a centerpiece, I’ve got a small twig. And right away, I’ve got a lovely idea for my hand-made Christmas card. I wanted to use the twig as a trunk and the tapes as branches and leaves. The only things that I needed were pieces of good quality paper and envelopes. So, I got some paper for the cards in different colors, white, black, silver.

I put the twig in the middle on the right side of the paper and cross the tapes over the twig, and the tapes fixed the twig. Also, I decorated the top of the tree with a gold star. Then, it was actually not my initial plan, but I glued some cubic stones on the tree. They shine beautifully and spruce up the cards.


It seems that many people do their cards themselves like me. And how about you? Have you made some Christmas cards yourself this year? Please let me know!