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Morning rises. Guests are staying at our house since last night, and we planned to go hiking together after breakfast today. Now, shall we get up and prepare for morning meal? Our couple usually eats breakfast separately, and on the weekends we take our time to cook dishes like omelet and pancakes. Since there is not enough time today, we will simply cook the eggs, go to the bakery for freshly baked bread, and set the rest of the table with things that are in the house. I went to the kitchen with my husband, and he briskly filled the table with everything he could find from the pantry and the refrigerator that can be a breakfast meal. In the meantime, I tried to set the table but the meal has already begun without the preparation of table settings, such as tableware and cups, so I had to go back and forth a few times to the kitchen. Moreover, the foods that are served cannot be seen well.

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I blush to say that this has been our frank reality for a while. We do not have many guests, but I thought that we should make our own breakfast preparation method because of repeated situations. Maybe everyone is doing well, and we are particularly struggling. Nevertheless, let's get ready, as there may be another lost sheep somewhere! 


All guests will have different tastes, so I cannot just keep things simple! Let's draw a picture assuming that there is not enough time to leisurely cook for four people sitting around a round table for breakfast. 

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It would be nice to have a wide selection of dishes so I thought about adding a little bit of family's taste to basic things. In my case, I thought of the following for the menu. Healthy whole rye bread and soft croissant as a base with various spreads like fruit jam, Nutella, honey, and butter along with cheese, ham, boiled or scrambled eggs, and avocado. Also, try not to forget the fresh fruits. Apple, pear, blueberries, raspberries and so on depending on the condition. We also have muesli, nuts, yogurt, almond milk, orange juice, water, and hot English breakfast tea ready. Throughout this time, guests preferred tea rather than coffee, so I will serve it individually from the Nespresso machine that we have for those who want. 

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It's a basic meal, but if you put it all together, the table is full with not enough space. That’s when I thought of the tea room style, Tiered Stand. I bought the two tiers because I thought three was too much, but if you want a more bountiful meal, the three-tier is not bad either. By using the stand, it has the double effect of giving dimensions to the table scene to make it look more plentiful and also provides more space to use. The tableware each person needs will vary depending on the meal, but here we have the main dish, small cereal bowl (you may have noticed, but these pretty gold cups are really for Makgeolli, Korean rice wine!), napkin and cutlery, glass cup and mug. For dinner, plate mats are needed, but the table seems jam-packed, so I skipped it this time. Finally, an important factor to change the table scene is to not directly serve the foods you bought at the market as it was packaged. If it is not a neatly designed package, I recommend putting it in a neat container.

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How do you prepare breakfast for your guests? Let’s share tips on table settings, menus and more!