Cafe in Museum


The first thing I think of when I have spare time or when I am exhausted from everyday life is the museum(or gallery). It’s a place where you can feel relaxation of artworks arranged in a spacious area. I don’t have particularly profound knowledge in the art, but I like spending my time in museums. Sometimes I have little interest or understanding of meanings contained in artworks, but if the space itself is attractive, it’s not bad staying there as if taking a walk. Thus, it’s sometimes better to go to rather minor places than famous spots. Somewhere that’s not too crowded and suitable for enjoying your time alone.

Zurich national museum.jpg

Especially, when I go to the museum, it’s the café that I stop by every time. In some cases, they have decent restaurants, but a quick snack with a cup of coffee in the middle or at the end of the exhibition is just perfect. The good things about museum coffee shops are that, first of all, it’s mostly in open space so that you feel comfortable even if you go alone. Second, you can feel the intellectual mood in minimalistic and architectural design. Third, your inspiration at its best can be dwelled upon there. Fourth, since the café is in artistic space, it also has its own unique artistry.


When I was visiting the Rene Magritte Museum in Brussels in the past, I was deeply attracted by the open spaces and artistic visuals of the café in the aisle I stumbled across. I still upset over the moment that I kept walking on, thinking I would go back to it later on but couldn’t because there wasn’t enough time.

museum cafe middle.jpg

It is hard to say which café is best because each museum has its own characteristic coffee shops, but I would like to list some of the places in my experience. The London Tate Modern café with stunning view of the Thames River, the graphical Bar Luce of Milan Fondazione Prada designed by Wes Anderson, the café of Palais de Tokyo with its freewheeling charm, the London Barbican Center café where you can have a simple canteen style meal, a bistro in the lobby of the National Museum in Zurich which I recently went to, and etc.

zurich main.jpg

I have seen the entrances of the Zurich Museum many times until now, but I have never thought that there would be a modern architectural element in the path to the back of the building. I went there after I coincidently found out about this place during my research, but I have to confess, I was more attracted to that space than the exhibits! Recently, I am especially attracted to the taupe tone of architectural and minimal spaces. That’s why I really liked the minimally arranged space of the entrance part from the lobby to the museum shop and the café with the impact of the bespoken lightings.

Do you also stop by coffee shops when you go to museums? If so, let’s share information on those attractive places!