5 Tips, How to build new habits


During my minimal life journey which I'm still in progress, I've read a couple of books about the organization. And I'm fond of one book written by Japanese organization counselor Miwa Sahara, so I wanted to apply some great ideas into my life. I'll shortly explain why I decided to become a minimalist. The reason was apparent; I just wanted to focus more on what I really love to do, to have, and to be. And the thing is, to become a minimalist, organization routine is crucial to keep your place clean and tidy along with an in-depth cleaning plan such as the KonMari method. I guess the KonMari method is one of the most renowned technics among the minimalists, but I felt that I need massive enthusiasm from start to finish that project. Basically, you'll go through all your belongings by categories, and it may take a lot of time and energy. So, I decided to start a basic daily routine inspired Miwa Sahara through my journey. That was to keep the places that bother me most clean every day. For almost three months now, I've been doing the same tasks every day to cultivate them as my habits, and I'm happy with that because it has been quite successful. So, if you feel hard to keep doing something, I believe it would be helpful. So, here are my 5 tips about how to build new habits.


1. Narrow down and specify your new habits as detailed as possible.

When your goals are small and precise, it would be easier to achieve them. Let's do it step by step! Mine was two things; One was the part of my minimal life journey, and another was a bit different thing for my English skills.

What I really hate was to see the messy kitchen and dining table in the morning. Those things easily ruin my fresh and motivated feeling in the morning. So, the first habit that I wanted to build was cleaning the dining table top and sink top every night.


The second was watching a few short videos to improve my English skills. I've focused on only listening and shadowing the sentences. I didn't care much about new words and grammar stuff. 


2. Do it every day at the same time.

Let's think about it. I believe you rarely miss brushing your teeth, don't you? There is the key. You can set the time for the new habits after or before your existing daily routine, such as brushing teeth, or having dinner, etc. Then, you can remember better and have less possibility to miss them. Make sense?

So, I set the certain time blocks for the new habits in the evening after wash my face and brush teeth. Because it is my most relaxing time and it helped me feel better when I go to bed.


3. Keep tracking your performance.

Choose the place you can easily record things done. Calendar, scheduler, app, whatever. Visualising is important. So, when you've done, mark it in the same place. In my case, I put dot stickers in my daily scheduler every night, when I was planning the next day. So, I checked my performance daily, and it helped me a lot. Many researchers found that it takes three weeks to form a habit. Then you'll start to feel uncomfortable when you don't do it like you can't go to bed without brushing teeth! So, let's keep track until you start to feel like this.


4. Do it every day for at least five minutes.

Okay, there should be some days, when you are tired or lazy and want to skip the things. Then,  just tell yourself like this. Let's do it only for 5 mins. You might not finish it, but it's still worthy. Because doing every day is crucial when you build new habits. In the end, you'll realize that it actually takes not much time, or you will feel better and get more power to finish your plan. So, please don't give up.



5. Enjoy your journey with small indulgence.

The last tip is to add something lighten up your mood. To be honest, I can't bear the strong scent of household cleansers, so I first looked for the non-toxic products and found the right ones with fresh fig fragrance from Murchison-Hume. I ordered a counter spray and a floor cleaner. They smell so good and don't have harsh chemicals, so it helps me to keep doing pleasantly. Also, I can make myself easy about my sausage dog. For the language learning, I've been watching funny, easy-going videos instead of boring textbooks.



So, I missed only a couple of days through over 2 months, when I have guests in our home. Although I had guests, I tried to do it without any stress based on tip 4. Apart from that kind of days, I don't feel hard to stick to those tasks anymore. It's getting to become the part of my natural behaviors. I'll keep doing until three months, then add other new habits slowly.   


What is your tips to build new habits? Please share your experience!