E-Interior Design Giveaway!


Hello Hello Hello!

I am so excited to announce my E-Interior Design Giveaway here! I'm currently hard working on launching E-design service to reach out to more people who want to have beautifully designed home affordably and comfortably. So, what is E-design? Basically, I communicate with you and design your space digitally, if you want to, I also do your shopping process on your behalf. I believe it's going to be awesome!


Before I officially launch the E-design service this autumn, I need to figure out how it works exactly and need to get feedback. I've worked as an interior designer for the past 13 years, but more traditionally, and I'm not sure how much time totally I need to make over your room beautiful and practical with full of personality and uniqueness in the digital world. So, here is my deal, I'm giving away free E-design packages to 2 lucky socials . Please be aware that it's not included the furniture, decor, etc., but the full service to design a room of yours: living room, bedroom, nursery, or any room that you want to change!


what you'll get

  • inspiration board -> to check the blueprint for your room.

02_Inspiration board.jpg
  • concept moodboard -> to visualise your room with exact products, color palette, materials, etc.

03_concept Opt A.jpg
  • floorplan -> to see how the products set in your room.

  • shop list -> all information about the products with link so that you can order yourself, or let me do your work! (optional)

05_Shop list 01 test.jpg
  • final review and extra advice


For your better understanding of the service and design style, please check the sample packages below.

The current example is based in Switzerland which is my residence area, but you don’t have to be in Switzerland. I can do it for you by exploring your country's interior industry and using global stores. I used to live and work in Korea, UK, Germany, as you can imagine, I have quite diverse experience in my field. 


So, what's going on once we kick off! First, I need all the information from you as detailed as possible.


What I’ll Need From You

  • a filled out E-design questionnaire

  • measurements of the room

  • good photos of your room from different angles

  • inspiration images or a link to your Pinterest board


We'll have the conversation through e-mail during the process. Once receiving your completed questionnaire and information, I’ll prepare 2-3 inspiration boards which help us to agree on the correct direction. Based on the inspiration board, I'll create a concept board with your budget. It'll include 2 rounds of revision before I pass you the final shop list that you can order all products yourself with. Or, I can do it on your behalf after I get approval and payment from you. 


Does it sound interesting? Do you plan to makeover your room at the moment?  Then why not try a professional E-design service for FREE? Please enter now using the button below!


31. august Midnight UTC

winner announcement

5. September 1:00 pm UTC


The winners for the e-design giveaway are

Franziska Hübscher and Olivia Wilson.