Cultural Living Room with Summer Mood


I love to change home decoration according to the seasons. I believe many of you do the same as me, right? My living room faces the beautiful lake, and I've realised that it's the perfect place to stay in summer time. Because it's the north facing room and it's relatively cooler than other rooms. The more I stayed in the living room, the more summer vibes I wanted to have.

The first thing that instantly changed the atmosphere of the room is a plant. I have an exotic Monstera Deliciosa, and it was in the home office during the winter and spring. To be honest, it is very summery, so it doesn't fit in my living room apart from summer. But it's fantastic with linen curtains and the lake view through the windows in summer. 

The second thing is soft furnishings such as pillows and blanket. My choice of the combination was navy, white, ecru, black geometric patterns, and a bit of ombre effect. And the chunky throw was surprisingly well matched, although I initially bought it for winter. 

Arranging white candles with glass dome and containers is simply sophisticated decoration which gives fresh summer look.

Last but not least, I was lucky to get two cane webbing chairs from Broki which is a second-hand shop. You know that all the rattan detail is at the moment and it is perfect for summer.

IMG_6823 2.JPG

I'm going to have a late summer holiday from this week until the first week of September, and after that, I'll probably start to bring autumnal tints in my place. But, it's been a beautiful summer, so I would love to share the images of my living room before it's gone. What was your summer decor and what is your decor idea for autumn?