Interior Wish List 2019


I love to keep updating my home, and there is always something coming in and going away. Undoubtedly, I buy also lots of bits and pieces, but that isn’t so excited. I try to buy furniture and home goods with plans, that doesn’t mean only buying expensive things, but instead of purchasing things that I’ll appreciate to have and go together for a long time. Making a wish list every new year brings not only excitement, but also it helps me to keep it in my mind and avoid to buy random things impulsively. It is the second time to make my yearly interior wishlist; if you missed the one for the last year, you could check it out here.



1. beoplay p2

by Bang & Olufsen



Recently, I restyled my kitchen, and I made a small coffee corner there. It actually turned out a lovely spot spending some time in the afternoon. I felt that it would be great if there were music, and I came up with Beoplay P2. I have a hook board on the wall, and I think Beoplay P2 is perfect to hang on it because it has the rugged leather strap. Besides, it comes in soft sandstone color which will perfectly match to my light beige walls.


2. velvet Pouf

by interio


I stumbled upon this olive green pouf at the Interio showroom the other day, since that time, I can’t help thinking about it. One of my long term plans is to build my wardrobe, and I want to make my dressing room elegant and comfort place. So, when I found this pouf, I could imagine to put it near the wardrobe. The color and texture are just perfect.


3. viscose carpet


I think that I’m into the decently shiny texture right now. I found out a viscose carpet for my client last year, and I really loved the gorgeous texture. So, if I got a chance to buy a new carpet, I would choose a viscose carpet.


4. Teapot & cups


Image via @ jiandgonggi

Image via @ jiandgonggi


My favorite tableware brand is 지승민의 공기. Last year, when I went to Korea, I’ve got some rice and soup bowls from their showroom; you can check my Korean dining ware shopping guide here.

I have been using them nonstop, and now I’m looking forward to stopping by the showroom next time. Recently, I’m trying to drink less coffee and more tea, so I’d like to get a beautiful teapot and cups.


 5. wide bowl


Image via @ jiandgonggi

Image via @ jiandgonggi


Yes. One more from Gonggi. I want to get a large bowl in a beautiful deep navy color. It can be used as a salad bowl, a sharing bowl, and a fruit bowl. It’s versatile. What I adore Gonggi are warm-toned color and simplified shape.


6. hand Steamer & fabric shaver

by Steamery

Image via @steamery

Image via @steamery


Actually, I can’t say that they are for the interior wish list, but the Steamery produces such seamless products, which are functional and aesthetic. As I already mentioned building my wardrobe above, it’s essential to take care of the clothes as well. I think that you don’t need to put them into the drawer, it’s because they are just like design objects.

What do you have on your wish list 2019?



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