My Dream 2019


Happy new 2019! 

I love this time so much because I feel like I can do anything, and I believe that it’s the best time to start new things.

Having all these positive energies, I want to share my dream 2019 with you. I called it ‘dream’ rather than plans or goals because I envisioned the best scenario and I didn’t overthink about the things that would limit my imagination.

Year after year, I realize that life is all about balance, so I’ve thought about four different parts of my ideal life in 2019: career, personal development, relationship, and adventure. I’ll go through these four parts of my life one by one and tell you more details.



Career always stays in the first place, although I keep trying to find the balance. This year, I have two things in my mind, consistency, and collaboration. Here are my detailed plans.

1.a new blog post every Friday.

From now on, every Friday you can read a new blog post. This is the first one in 2019!

2.a new video on Youtube every week.

As I’ve just started my YouTube channel, I can’t guarantee the fixed date yet, but I promise you at least one video every week. I’m thinking that one will come along with a blog post on Friday, or I’ll upload a separate video on Tuesday or Wednesday. Stay tuned!

3.more offline activities

I want to do more things offline. I’ll meet more people and share my experience and knowledge with them.

4.Bring diverse perspectives into my platform

So far, I’ve written my blog and made videos through only my eyes. However, this year, I’d like to bring more stories from others who have poetic views of different lifestyles.


It’s related to the previous one, but this is for me. I’ll contact people and suggest the collaborations rather than just waiting for those opportunities.


I’m going to start a monthly newsletter that includes the best of the month and exclusive articles.

7.plan and action

To achieve those plans, I should plan thoroughly and stick to get things done. I’ll prepare the next day every evening and next week every weekend.

IMG_5672 2.JPG

Personal development

I used to think that my work defined me, but my thought has been changed a lot. I’m trying to develop myself independently of my job. 

1.Increase my financial literacy

Honestly speaking, I was pretty bad for my personal finance. I’ll make it a high priority and learn finance related things as an entrepreneur, and a woman. I’ll investigate solutions to be able to achieve my income goal, and try to reduce the waste of money and save that money instead.

2.improve my English skill

Time to go back to English. Keep going!

3.learn swimming

It’s ironic that I can scuba-dive, but I can’t swim. I have to learn swimming this year because my next plan is waiting for me which is to go surfing.

4.simple life 

Last year, I did a lot of decluttering for my apartment. Now I’m going to move on to my digital declutter. out for my core strength 

For me, keeping a healthy lifestyle is more important than having a bikini body. the piano

Nothing to mention it. Do you have any recommendations for easy songs?

7. keep in mind being a kind, friendly, and humble person

Everybody can’t like me, but I want to be that kind of person because it’s just how I want to be.

8.German B2 certification

German is kind of the most challengable thing in my life. Since 2015, I have been living in German speaking countries, so I had to learn it. Honestly, its pretty hard to be interested in it, but I’ll keep learning German at a good slow pace. 30 books

I’ll make a habit that I start and close my day with books. Actually, I can learn many things online but I need some time for switch off. Also, I believe that I can gain more deep knowledge from the books.



Relationship meet up at least twice per month

Step out of the comfort zone and meet more new people. I want to become a person who is easy to talk. more online friends in person

From some experience last year, I found out that it’s amazing! So, I’ll do more this year! professional relationship

Not only for personal relationship, but I also want to build a professional relationship with suppliers, and other professions who work in the same field. Si community

Last year, I really started social media, and I spent a lot of time on it because I was into it. However, I was quite disappointed with the fake social activities, follow and unfollow. However, I also met a lot of nice people. This year, I’m not going to worry too much about the number, and focus more on having a relationship with real people.

5.spending some meaningful time with my mom and sister.

I’m so excited because my mom and sister will visit me this summer. I’ll save some time to spend a great time with them.



Luckily, I have a husband who pursuits similar life goals. We both love to keep traveling. For the past years, I more like followed his plans, but this year I’ll plan my own adventure along with his plans.

1.New York 

Yeah, new york is my number one destination for this year. It’ll be my second time to go to New York. I’m planning to stay between 1 and 3 months. This time, I want to do more exciting and productive things there, for example, doing some collaborations, meeting new people, and creating some different kind of content. I’ll keep my work life in another city.


This summer, I want to spend some time in Portugal. One of my plans is to create a summer interior concept inspired by the lifestyle in Portugal.

3.milan design week

It’s always the best. I don’t want to miss it!


It has been on my list for a long time.

5.more trips through switzerland

Since 2016, I’ve got a chance to live in beautiful Switzerland. However, I realized that I hadn’t traveled a lot!  So, this year I’m going to go on a tip often because I don’t know how long I’m going to live here. I'm planning to go on a winter trip with the train soon.

I’m quite excited to imagine how many things I’ll be able to achieve at the end of the year. I believe that visualizing is always important, and I'm guessing that speaking out might have a stronger power.

Let’s make 2019 our best year! What’s your dream plans for 2019?

Sungeun x