My Wabi-sabi Kitchen


When I move into the current apartment, the kitchen was already equipped and ready to use. So, I didn’t change many things at the beginning. Literally, it was just a practical kitchen, and it was enough to cook.

However, I have done some small renovations in intervals for almost two years, because I couldn’t endure seeing some of the eyesores. So, I painted the walls in subtle beige, changed the lamp, and added some shelves.


Starting a new year was the great reason to restyle and get the final look of my kitchen. Because it’s a rented kitchen, I decided to focus on styling and organization. I confess that I was a bit dubious about revamping an old kitchen comparing with other well-renovated modern kitchens out there. However, I realized that I like the color palette of my kitchen, some old features, and their aura. I feel that it’s unique and I think that it can’t be achieved in a short time.


I want to explain my kitchen concept referring to Wabi-sabi. It’s a Japanese word, and it describes a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. So, I’ve tried to elevate the charm of my old kitchen, and just eliminated some things that didn’t fit with the theme. Actually, I was tempted to reform the countertop with marble contact paper, but I ended up keeping my wooden top, which is a good thing I have done. I’m excited to see how my kitchen will change and evolve as time goes by.






The best thing about revamping my kitchen is that I’ve got a lovely breakfast and coffee corner. Now, I have breakfast and hang around here in the afternoon. It was a brilliant idea to make it, and I love this small place so much.

Also, I’ve done a lot of organization for species, and all other food ingredients. The result might not be shown remarkably, but all details bring a calm and peaceful mood into the place, and I feel delightful when I use them.

I have to say that my kitchen is not finished yet, but I’m not going to be in a hurry to fill the emptiness, and instead, I want to collect the things that I genuinely love.

So now, I’d like to invite you to my Wabi-sabi kitchen, show it to you, and tell you more stories of how I styled it. Please come and enjoy my small kitchen tour.