Self Care


February has begun. February is going to be all about balance for me, and I’ll give myself more time to take care of myself. In the last January, I was pretty much motivated than ever, but I realized that I might have made a too long list and told myself to push through! However, I couldn’t accomplish all the tasks. What is worse, I was not able to have a proper unwinding time. Although I set my evening routine, I didn’t follow it every day as I planned because I’ve struggled to draw the line between work and life. I’m glad that I’m aware of my situation before my body, mind, and soul get devastated.

Care about my routine

I’ll go back to my evening routine, which means that I schedule when I finish my work every day. I try to complete my work at 6, when it is this time, I leave the office. Then, I Cook healthy dinner or do meal prep for the following days, and enjoy the taste of whole food. After dinner, I spend a few hours doing for myself, for example, learning English, exercising, stretching my body, etc. Also, I give myself some time to do anything that I want. Binge watching shows, reading a book, catching up with all the social media, talking with my husband, or whatever. I’m not going to explain it in detail here, but I’m going to share my morning and evening routine (watch my video!) soon.

When I follow my evening routine, I believe that it’ll be easier to take my morning time as well. I love to write in the morning because there are no distractions. So, I’ll go to bed at the same time every day, get up at 5 AM, and then take my quiet but powerful writing time.


Read spiritual books

This year, I started reading a daily book, The Book of Awakening, as soon as I get up. I discovered this book last year and read a trial book for a while. I wanted to prove that I could read this kind of book every day. After a few weeks of trial, I finally ordered a hardcopy book. What I love this book is that one story for one day is quite short, easy to read, and it gives me positive energy before I start a day. The author, Mark Nepo is a spiritual poet, I love his perspective on life and the way of his storytelling. Once I strumbled upon his talk on the SuperSoul Conversations Podcast the other day. It really resonated with me. Literally, I almost cried, I don’t know why, but his story was touching and powerful. If you are looking for a morning book, I highly recommend this book.

Listen to minidful people

These days, I really enjoy listening to thoughtful and mind-flexing conversations which give me aha moments with insights and inspiration. After I discovered a Podcast, SuperSoul Conversations hosted by Oprah Winfrey, I’m obsessed with it. I’m pretty amazed at how much each conversation carries valuable wisdom. One episode is usually 30 to 40 minutes long, so it’s perfect to listen in my lunch time. The show opens with Oprah’s voice, “I believe that one of the valuable gifts you can give yourself is time. Taking time to be more fully present.” It’s great to read inspiring books, but I think when you listen to their voices it’s even more powerful. I’ve already experienced this through audio books.

A Me time Corner

When I stay at home, my favorite activity is probably shifting my place and sitting on different chairs. I recently realized that it’s inconvenient not to have a proper place to relax in my bedroom; it’s also my dressing room. So, I’m planning to make a cozy sitting corner there, and it’ll be called a ‘Me Time Corner.’ I’ll set a comfortable lounge chair and side table with a candle or incense, a basket for foot and hand care products, and a small lamp. I’m sure that I can spend some of my morning time there to write in my journal, and evening time to do my foot and hand treatment, plan my outfit, meditate, and so on.

68678393 2.JPG

Self-care doesn’t mean only for physical care, but also mental care, or better to say in a balanced way. I feel great for the journey enriching my life every day.