[pre-made design] Soft Natural Farm House


Another pre-made Interior Design season has just started! This time, I’m going to share three concepts through this spring and summer, and they are going to come along with short stories so that you can check and read comfortably. Here, the first design of this spring/summer is a Farm House inspired living & dining room.

I came across this idea from my recent client. Their house is located in a quiet village, and there are lush greens through the windows.

  • Inspiration Board

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I imagined a room has a natural mood with lots of natural material such as wood, rattan, and a bit of warm metal (brass) detail. It’s calm, peaceful and serene.

Green plants, some pastel toned abstract arts, and throw pillows will bring lively yet soft vibes into the room.

  • Concept design

soft natural farm house.jpg

I came up with the idea of putting the sitting area in the middle. Then, the entire living room will work as a center point and link to different places. You can also arrange the sitting area to the left bottom corner like a standard layout. I chose a round dining table, and I think it is good for gathering and efficient for utilizing the space.

Last but not least, at the left above corner, I designed a book corner to display favorite books and photos using a couple of picture ledges, MOSSLANDA from Ikea.

  • Floor Plan

softnatural farm house FLOOR.jpg

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