Curate Your Home with Your Personal Taste


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When you consider decorating your home, you probably want to get new nicer furniture or home accessories. However, even if you get new furniture and fill every nook and cranny with new home accessories, you might feel as if something is still missing and get bored sooner or later. I think it’s because your soul and personal taste haven’t been infused into your place yet.

So, today I’d like to talk about the four essential items that make your home well-curated and give it your personal taste.


The first item is Art. This can be postcards, photos, posters, sculptures, or large paintings. You don’t need to feel pressure to hang an expensive items. Maybe you have collected postcards, posters, or drawings drawn by your kids that you wanted to keep for some reason. Don’t store them in the box anymore and give them new life. If you don’t have anything in mind, you can find nice art prints from online stores such as desenio, the poster club, society 6, Etsy, etc.

When you select an art piece, your taste really matters. Because it covers a pretty large space and you tend to look at every day. So, I urge you not to get art because it’s trendy. If you adore that trend, it’ll be fine, but rather choose something carefully that resonates with you.

Once I was invited to morning tea time by a friend of mine who collected well-curated, interesting art work. During that morning, I felt so good and got an unique impression, because I was able to feel her taste everywhere and her home was filled with an aura that came from those unique art pieces. I also really enjoyed listening to the story behind each art work.


Next up, I’d like to talk about books as well as good magazines.

It seems that we're reading more e-books, but I still prefer holding a paper book with one hand and turning pages with the other. I want to have those books are full of beautiful phrases. If they have beautiful covers they double as decorative objects. I put them within reach and grab them whenever I feel want to read.

Someday I want to have a home library, but I haven’t had a chance yet. So, my living room is currently playing that role. Some of the books are stacked between the sofa and armchair, on the coffee table, and the others are under the sideboard next to my dining table, which I think gives character and graceful impression to my space. My tip to display books artsier is turning books page-side out, which will help keep the overall atmosphere neutral and chic. Don’t be afraid to use books as objects. Books look great with candles, paper weights, and flowers. So, you can make a group of accessories and play with dimensions and shapes to display your books more beautifully. You can also decorate books on the bench or side table in the bedroom, and some of cook books in the kitchen.

Some people are interested in looking into others’ cupboards. For me, I’m more interested in peeking into other’s bookshelves. When I see which books someone has read, I can understand his or her interests and I think it’s the best way to continue the conversation. In a sense, I can figure out their lifestyle.


The third item is music. It can be a physical item if you have a turn table and collect vinyls, or a good audio system. However, it doesn’t matter what you have. You can simply own a basic bluetooth speaker, if you truly enjoy listening to music. More importantly, playlists you have curated are crucial.

Imagine beginning a fresh morning with Bach’s classical music or ending the day with relaxing jazz music, or having a lovely time with friends with your favorite music playing in the background. Take your time and curate your play lists that reflect your taste in music well. Be more intentional with your playlist rather than playing a random list on Spotify.

I think that music and books match well together, so you can place them closely. Imagine a bookshelf with a nice speaker next to several books. You can find many design into images that have this aesthetic. When you make a special corner only for music, you can put a frame behind the speaker to create a specific zone, and don’t forget to decorate with some of home accessories to give warmth.


Unique pieces from travel

The last item is something you pick up from travel. It doesn’t mean typical souvenirs. If you genuinely collect magnets and snowballs, it’s totally fine. However, today I want to talk more about beautiful vintage pieces or things made by local artisans that will symbolize the good memories from your trip and bring a uniqueness into your home.

For example, if you’re interested in wood crafting, you can start collecting wooden home accessories made by artisans such as wooden bowls, cutting boards, etc. As you collect those unique pieces within the theme, you’ll find a unique aura which flows through your home. When I travel, I collect metal home goods, tableware, slippers, or something unique made by artisans. However, you can choose things like linen items, glass items, baskets, bowls, and mix and match. You can buy manufactured goods anytime, but those items you can only buy in certain places and are worthy to get through your travel.

Actually, it’s not easy to bring things back from your trip, however when they are especially handcrafted, nd vintage pieces, you probably never find the same things again in your life. So, I recommend always bring your luggage with some spare space when you go on a trip!

It takes time to perfectly curate your home where it will reflect your tastes perfectly. Although you can spend lots of money on designing a new place, nothing a beat a home that has a story. Like fashion, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” said CoCo Chanel. When you follow trends, you can easily buy things with good prices, but many people will have the same item. Also, once the trend passes, it won’t give you any joy and you want to get new things again. You can enjoy trends, but don’t spend too much effort and money on them. So, before ending this, I’d like to ask you to have some time to think about

What timeless design means to you, and what reflects your lifestyle and taste in your home?