Make Your Home More Comfortable [ft. A Space for Being]


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Do you think you feel “comfortable” or “at ease” in your home?

Whether you say YES or NO, you can still improve your home environment and amplify your well-being and level of aesthetic satisfaction.

This post was inspired by my experience at the event called 'A Space for Being' presented by Google during Milan Design Week 2019. Let me explain about this event briefly. So, Google hosted an interactive installation where people explored three different rooms with a specially designed armband to measure the physiological responses to the designs, and each room was designed using neuroaesthetics principles. It sounds very complicated, but no worries. I'll explain everything!

Every room was created considering different senses for example: Visual, Tactile, Sound, and Olfactory. Then, the Visual aspect was divided into  Lighting, Décor, Color, Art, and Accents. When I came to the realization that there are  aspects that can influence our mind adifferentnd body, I had an Aha moment.

Based on Google's explanation, my perfect room was the third room named 'Transformative'. It was a very minimal, clean, and modern room. To be honest, at first, I was not fully impressed by the result. Because, I thought I liked the first room the most. However, after I read the readout throughly, I noticed this is absolutely my favorite style, and I was blown away by the idea of how we can design a space more thoughtfully that fits our personal preferences. 

So, let's have a look at each aspect and I'll show you some examples using my result. This is just an example, so you can definitely make your own list.


Undoubtably, Décor is the biggest part of our surroundings. Look around your sofa, chairs, tables, sideboard, rug, selves, etc. Do you think your current furniture and fixtures make you happy? If not, take some time to think about the reason why you are not, write down your Wishlist in detail, and keep it in mind for your next purchase.

You can write it down like this. Here is an example, Google said I feel comfortable with simple, clean lines, linear yet elegant deep-seated sofas and rounded chairs complemented by refined pieces in wood and metal, and textured rugs.


Next Up is lighting. You can consider different lighting features in your room. I think every room has at least one ceiling lamp for its main lighting. However, I always encourage you to bring more lighting such as pendant lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, or any kind of indirect lighting! Because overhead lighting is not sufficient to light a room, unless it's a very tiny room, and those examples of ambient lighting will deliver more specific purpose and create a cozy mood.


I consider color as important as concept. I'm a huge fan of color schemes. When you feel that your room is a bit messy and mismatched, find your color scheme, remove some items out of your theme, and bring in one that matches. It'll make your room look organized and instantly cohesive.


Art is my favorite home decor items of all time. It’ll bring a unique aura, and give your room personal taste. If you want to check more about art as home accessories, please check this post.


When we design a space, we need to balance some basic items along with accents to make the accents pop. Choose a theme you love to have as an accent. This can be assorted plants, a group of mirrors, a gallery wall, colourful home accessories, book collections, etc. 

Tactile (Materials)

Let's move onto tactile. I think this is actually more crucial than the visual aspect. We can bare some eye sores for a while, but when you feel a tickle or your skin feels uncomfortable, it's really hard to stand. For example, when you hate touching the cold floor with your bare feet, you can solve this problem by bringing in a soft rug to put under the bed.

Sound (Song)

I'm not a music expert, so I can't give you a lot of advice. However, I've already noticed how music impacts my mood. So, I always try to be more intentional with my playlist rather than playing a random list on Spotify all the time.

Olfactory (Scent)

Lastly, we can improve our surroundings by scent. I've had a lot of good and bad experience because of the smell. I feel like my nose reacts to smell, before I really start to look around a place. Many of us have very keen noses, but we can also get used to scents very quickly. So, sometimes we don't pay attention a lot to the smells in our home. However, once you start to take care of it, you'll notice the difference and feel lux. Invest some money and time to discover scented candles, aroma diffusers, and incense that you enjoy.

When we think about interior design and decoration, we usually put finding concept as the top priority. Right? Like Scandinavian style, Costal style, Farm house style, etc. Of course, having a concept is important and it's the key to make your place cohesive. However, I was wondered how we can define our style by those general styles. We can label the room or home, but let's make it more complex and creative! I believe designing a home should be more tailored for each person and their family. That's why I like this approach of considering our surroundings with various perspectives. Please let me know your thoughts about this kind of design approach.