How to Keep Your Home Clean & Tidy (+Free Checklist)


Today I want to talk about home cleaning and organization routines and share some of my tips and tricks. Because those routines are I think the key to maintaining your home and keeping it clean and tidy every day. To make this process easier, I created a 'home cleaning & organization checklist' that you can customize for you and your family. It's easy to follow, and you just need to invest some of your time to enjoy your beautiful and fresh home. So, please click HERE to download your free checklist.


The first thing that I did was setting my daily routines.

I observed my apartment thoroughly, and I found that my problems were my dining table, kitchen counter and sink, bathroom basin, and scattered paper, cups, clothes, towels and shoes. So, I started to pay more attention to them every morning and night.

My morning and night routines usually take about 15 mins, sometimes more sometimes less.

I also take care of my home during the day because I work from home and my surrounding affects my moods a lot.  


Then, I set weekly reset routines.

This means that I try to bring my home back to the best condition and do more deep cleanings on the weekend. However, you probably don't need to do all the housework every week, so I recommend you to set additional different weekly routines like Week 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

All routines are just a guideline and can be flexible. So, when you feel that you need a special deep cleaning, then make a note during the week and include it when you do weekly reset. 


Once you plan your routines, make a checklist and just tick off when you go for it. With a checklist, you don't need to think too much. If you continue doing it for a while, it becomes one of your habits.



If you can't avoid making a mess, let’s be smarter!

If you make a mess within your color scheme, it actually makes less eyesores. Also, well-designed miscellaneous items bother the eyes less. So, start being intentional when you bring new things into your home!

Having uniform items makes your home look well-organized. For example, uniform glass containers for spices and food ingredients look neater and tidier. Baskets and trays will help as well, because they'll create a clear boundary.


Lastly, what I really want to say is that a clean and tidy home is of course important for a better lifestyle, but if you spend too much time cleaning and maintaining, there is no point. So, please start down-sizing your belongings and spend more time on things you really care about, and I think the easiest way to reduce your belongings is getting rid of some duplicate items.


If you try some of my tips, please let me know your thoughts and experience using #lifestyle_si on instagram.

Sungeun x