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I have renamed the ‘Travel’ section to ‘Destinations’. There are times when I travel all around a city or country, but sometimes I go out to find a certain place or somewhere with a special theme. So I would like to visit and share meaningful and more characteristic places, even if they are small in size. 


The first location I thought of was Sitterwerk in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This place is hidden in a secluded area like some secret. It is an art-book library as well as a material archive that keeps a variety of elements organized for observation, Kasselhaus Josephsohn which stores and displays the works of the sculptor Hans Josephsohn, and Atelierhaus where the guest artists' workshops are located. 


Among them, the library and the material archive are in one open space. The two-story shelf with iron staircase fills one wall, chairs to sit at the center with tables, and cabinet drawers in the opposite wall with various kinds of objects stored neatly.

Sitterwerk material archive.JPG
art book inspiration.jpg

You can find books you want by searching them on the displayed computers, but I like to look around and spot something that catches my eyes. This place stores materials in a neat pile like a museum, so you can find old unique books as well. I found a hand-made book about art in the 1960s, published in 1971, and it was interesting to see scrapped newspaper articles of that time in an exhibition brochure held in Zurich. Of course, if I find a book of paintings of my favorite artist, I gladly sit down and start turning the pages smoothly.

unique book 60s art.JPG
alex katz newspaper.JPG

Another fun part of this repository is opening up the material archive drawers, covering the whole wall, one by one. I do not think I've ever seen such beautiful and systematic arrangements of objects. I suppose I could say that I have been hugely inspired by this place in making my own future room of interior resources. There are collections of metal, stone, wood, glass, fabric, and even unique things like starfish. Time flies once you concentrate on checking out each drawer.

material archive.JPG
material archive copper .JPG
material archive metal.jpg
material archive natural pigment.JPG
material archive natural color.jpg

This library comes to mind when I want to find something new or sometimes even strange, rather than looking up on the internet or thumbing through latest materials in bookstores. Sometimes I wonder, 'Isn’t too much to be asking for creative thoughts while seeing, listening, eating and drinking the same things?' When I get these feelings, Sitterwerk is the place I want to come and spend unusual time.


Where is your secret place that gets you inspired?



SITTERWERK | Sittertalstrasse 34 | CH-9014 St.Gallen |