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Now it seems that we're more used to reading digitised text on a screen than holding a paper book with one hand and turning pages with another. At times I happen to read some good online articles and bookmark them to come back later, but once I turn around, they rarely intrigue me.  Like when I’ve eaten up tasty food, I feel like, I cannot find the essence of the articles anymore as they've been already consumed.

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I sometimes choose e-books because they're easy to purchase and practical, but I want to have at home those printed books with full of beautiful phrases as objets d'art and take them out to leaf through whenever I feel like it. What's more, it'd be utterly delicious to relax and spend time outside the digital world turning the pages of those books.

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I find books fascinating as objets d'art. Sometimes, just by owning a book, I feel like I've already acquired the wisdom and perspective it holds even before reading it. Someday I want to have a library with a proper bookshelf, but for now the living room's playing that role. Some of the books are stacked between a sofa and an armchair, and the others under the sideboard next to a dining table, which I think is giving a character and graceful impression to space. One tip is to turn books page-side out to keep the overall tone neutral and chic, though the spines can face out, too.

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Imagining that when the sun is about the set, I’m sitting on the armchair with a cup of tea and a blanket and holding a book instead of a phone, I didn't remember the last time I had had this quiet time; it even felt surreal. To make this reality, as part of the Home Makeover Project, I thought of having a lamp offering sufficient light for reading as well as a cozy atmosphere at the corner of the living room. As a result, I've found the right one whose thin gold arm is moving around the sofa and also extendable like Inspector Gadget's arm. So, this has completed my reading nook, and I'm looking forward to the day when I'll shop a pile of books and enjoy this place more.


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Wall Lamp

Side Table 

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Metal Chairs

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