"Studio Si"


During our lives, we keep moving tons of different places and experiencing them. We just pass some places, on the other hand, we are also inspired by some places where remain in our memories for a long time, and it influences our lives.

Studio Si believes the power of space which comes from a genuine understanding of human, space and the life in it.

Our lives are shaped in the close connection with our living environment. We think that a well-designed home like a customized suit can change someone's life, an attractive commercial space can be the spice of life, and cultural adventure elevates the pleasure of life.

Our aim is to create every single space that has a special story through a true understanding of life, and we hope that these spaces will make our ordinary lives more romantic and beautiful like a poem.



"What we do"




Home is a place where filled with everything from a person or a family. It is a place that goes beyond a simple living space and carries a unique aura with a mixture of family's taste and history. As we all have different looks, home in which we live can not be the same anywhere else.

A home that combines aesthetic value and practicality enhances the quality of life, becomes a comfortable hedge and the basis for a happy life.

Based on a deep understanding of the customer's taste, lifestyle and budget, instead of reorganized space along the trend, the custom-designed home fits into the life, and as time goes by, the traces of life naturally melt, and it will be worth more.




A brand that has been loved for a long time has a good story in it. That's why we focus on identifying the unique value of a brand.

We think that the first step of commercial space design is to set solid brand image and strong design concept. To achieve this, we propose new and various space ideas that can develop the brand value one step further through trends and case research. It's an important process that must go through to be influential to consumers and become a place where is loved for a long time.

We would like to build trusted relationships as a business partner with a full perspective to make a comprehensive spatial identity from space composition, detail, finishing material, color, lighting, and furniture to graphic and styling.




We want to create an exhibition space where people can meet and communicate with each other with a common denominator of culture, and we hope that you will enjoy the deep pleasure of life.

First of all, we are acutely aware of how the exhibit will give new and compelling messages to visitors based on the understanding of the works so that the intention of the exhibitor can be reflected well.

Not only for the efficient viewing of an exhibition but also for the new spatial experience through the five senses, we approach from various perspectives such as concept, space composition, display, graphic, and multimedia so that it makes the visitors reminiscent of the presentation as an unforgettable impression for a long time.