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Our e-design is a perfect solution for modern-day busy people. Hire your interior designer virtually and simply get your personalized interior design package into your inbox.


In-home consultation 🇨🇭

Our in-home consultation is designed especially for expats in Switzerland who are finding it difficult to build their ideal beautiful and cozy home. We’ll support you from A to Z!

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Full service interior design

Our design team creates customized design packages and coordinates all the processes smoothly for your residential / commercial project in Switzerland and S.Korea.


Hello, welcome to lifestyle Si!


I’m Sungeun, but you can also call me Si! I’m an interior & lifestyle designer, stylist, and content creator.

I founded Lifestyle Si with the purpose of answering one question; How can ordinary life be more romantic and beautiful, like a poem?

Si(詩) is an emotional Korean word, which means poetry, and also a bright and cheerful Italian word that means yes.

I help modern-day busy people & expats live in their tasteful and inspiring home in easy and comfortable ways so that they can drive their life in the right direction.

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