guide for poetic lifestyle

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Hello, welcome to lifestyle Si! I’m Sungeun. I started my blog, Lifestyle Si, in 2015 with the purpose of answering one question; How can ordinary life be more romantic and beautiful, like a poem? To find the answer, I travel around the world, listening to stories, sharing and exploring new experiences in the places I discover and with the people I meet along the way. I seek to share these journeys through a poetic life with my readers.

Si(詩) is an emotional Korean word, which means poetry, and also a bright and cheerful Italian word that means yes.

Lifestyle Si is based on a simple, but also tasteful lifestyle, inspired by nature. Si appreciates the value of vintage and neo-artisan objects which have a charming aura, and promotes a healthy lifestyle that heals body and mind through wellness, travel and outdoor activities.

Through that vision, I share inspiring messages for the poetic lifestyle by writing the blog, offering ready-made interior design ideas, and creating individually-tailored space designs.